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 Welcome to CEU By Net! Over 100 hours of CE on this website.


This Is Our Online Substance Abuse (SUDs) and Addiction CEUs Catalog for Alcohol and Drug Counselors and Other Professionals. 

Earn Online CEUs When It Is Convenient for You, With Tech Support Seven Days Per Week Until 10 PM Central Time.  Our Courses Include SUDs Assessment and CBT Group and Couples Treatment, Ethics, Domestic Violence, Cultural Issues, LGBTQ Treatment Issues, and War Zone Veterans Issues Including TBI, SUDs, and PTSD.   


CEU By Net Offers Interesting, Practical Online Continuing Education Courses at an Unusually Low Price - Unlimited CEUs for only $54.95 for an Entire Year from Date of Purchase. You Can Also Take a FREE Course or Two, to See How Our Site Works.


In this Continuing Education program you can earn inexpensive online Addiction CEUs which are approved by TCBAP/TAAP, IC&RC and NAADAC, Florida FCB and the Florida Mental Health Board, NBCC, and EACC, and accepted by most state boards for substance abuse and addiction counselors, based upon these credentials.


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The UNLIMITED CEU Plan:  How does it work?  With our Annual Subscription, you can earn Unlimited CEUs for an entire year at a price that's very competitive (it's just $54.95 per year), with no restrictions on the courses you can take and no time limits.  We also offer two FREE courses that are approved for both mental health and addiction CEUs and Credit Hours, to show you how our website works.  


Our Site Is Open Access:   Not sure which courses to enroll in?  You can read every course and quiz on this website in advance FOR FREE, by clicking links at the bottom of this page - without registering on the site or enrolling in the course.


So come on in and take a look at our site. It's user-friendly for Substance Abuse and Addiction Counselors, DOT SAPs, and all other behavioral health licensees who are needing CEUs in Ethics, SUDs Assessment and Treatment, Domestic Violence, CBT, Child and Adolescent SUDs, Family and Couples Intervention, Group CBT, Community Collaboration, and other relevant topics. Our courses are relevant, approved, and non-traditional. 


NOTICE:  Complaints about provider or workshop content may be directed to the TCBAP Standards Committee, 1005 Congress Avenue, Ste. 460, Austin, Texas 78701, Fax No. (512) 476-7297. 




Quick Links to Major Topics in This AOD Catalog:



 You can also click on the COURSES TAB on our menu bar above, and slide down the drop-down list to look for specific catalogs pertaining to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT - with excellent Treatment Courses for Addiction and Substance Abuse such as Courses 5H and 4J), Cultural Issues, and Treatment Documentation.  


We are a licensed provider of Addiction Continuing Education Programs for Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals (an IC&RC Member Board) and Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (a Pre-Approved Provider for NAADAC). We are TAAP/TCBAP CE Provider #1877-12.   

Based upon these two Licensed CE Provider credentials, the courses in this Addiction Catalog (bottom of the page) are automatically approved or recognized by IC&RC, Florida Certification Board (FCB), and NAADAC. 

  • IC&RC automatically approves courses presented by an IC&RC Member Board-approved CE Provider.  CEU By Net is a licensed CE Provider for an IC&RC Member Board (Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals - TCBAP), #1877-12.

  • NAADAC has pre-approved TAAP's addiction education programs. We are TAAP CE Provider #1877-12. (You can find 'Texas Association of Addiction Professionals' listed as an approved program provider in NAADAC's current online Approved Education Providers Directory).

  • Our courses are accepted by all Branches of the US Military for addiction CE, because we are an approved provider for an IC&RC Member Board (TCBAP).  

  • NOTE for Texas LCDCs:  You can take ANY course appearing on this entire website for credit - not just the courses at the bottom of this catalog page.  All courses are pre-approved by the Texas State Boards for LPCs, LCSWs, and LMFTs - all of which are acceptable for your CE Credit.

  • NBCC ACEP #6338 We are a Provider of Continuing Education for NBCC (ACEP #6338), EACC-EAPA, and Multiple State Licensing Boards. Our courses and CE credits are accepted in almost every state for most behavioral health licenses.

  • Who takes our courses? LCDC, AADC, CCDS, CCS, CAP, and other Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors, Social Workers, LPCs, LPCCs, LEPs, LMHCs, LMHPs and other Counselors, CEAPs, LMFTs, US Department of Transportation (DOT) SAPs and More.  


SUDs and Adolescents


Course 6J - Ending Conversion Therapy with LGBTQ Youth (6.75 Credit Hours) 

'Course 3H - Principles of Adolescent SUD Treatment:  A Researched-Based Practical Guide' (3.5 Credit Hours) 

Course 3C - Child and Adolescent AOD and Dual Diagnosis Assessment: 'Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad' - Assessment of Dual Diagnosis Children and Adolescents - Ethics from Practice and Into the Boardroom.  (3 Credit Hours for everyone) 

Course 5J - Suicide Risk and Prevention for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Youth  (5 Credit Hours)

Course 3I - 'Bullying Prevention and Response: The Base Training Module' (3.0 Credit Hours).  

 Course 5N - Growing Up Girl! - a five part slide show course by SAMHSA and CSAT which addresses the impact of the digital and 'social networking' world upon girls, which can lead to the emotional response which is oftentimes a precursor to SUDs.  (5 Credit Hours)   

Course 3J - Professional Guide to Supporting LGBTQI2-S Youth


  War Zone Trauma Intervention


WAR ZONE VETERANS - Why Coming Home Is the Hardest Part of the War:   

Two 5-Credit Hour Courses - 5K and 5L.  Working with veterans with 'silent trauma injuries' and PTSD from an AOD Perspective.  A two part series, it's 'After The War Zone' - A Provider Guide to Counseling Post-Deployment Veterans.  


  • Course 5K - Part 1 of 'Finding Balance After the War Zone - Considerations in the Treatment of Post-Deployment Stress Effects - A Guide for Clinicians' 
  • Course 5L - Part 2 of 'Finding Balance After the War Zone - Considerations in the Treatment of Post-Deployment Stress Effects - A Guide for Clinicians'   

  • Course 6A - Response to Terror and Mass Violence - A Training Manual. - 7.0 Credit Hours

LGBT Adolescent Suicide Prevention 




Do You Need 2, 4, or 6 Credit Hours in HIV-AIDS Behavioral Health Counseling? See our HIV course page here, or just read on.  



  • Ethics Courses - 2, 3, or 4 Credit Hour Courses - 2 self-paced PDF slide shows (Ethics 3D and 4D), and 3 text-style publications  (Ethics 2D, Course 3C and Ethics 4B). These ethics courses are definitely not the 'usual and traditional' variety - but they are approved as Ethics CE Courses for both Mental Health and AOD providers, by all of our accrediting entities.  



  • Course 4J - Anger Management: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Manual -  is a very popular course presented as a training manual for clinicians, which focuses upon assessment and treatment of AOD clients with Anger Management Issues.

  • New!  Course 6J - Ending Conversion Therapy with LGBTQ Youth - Treatment team assessment of the needs of LGBTQ youth who are making gender and identity decisions, and appropriate ways to support them in their decisions.  When mishandled by parents and professional staff, lack of support and affirmation can lead to depression, anxiety, SUDs, and suicidal behavior.  [Pending TCBAP Approval]

  • One of our most popular courses earns 3 CEUs in Child and Adolescent AOD and Dual Diagnosis Assessment OR in Ethics: 'Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad' - Assessment of Children and Adolescents with SUDs and mental health issues.  This course explains how to avoid CRITICAL ERRORS in assessment, diagnosis, and documentation which place your clients and yourself in jeopardy.  This course earns 3 Credit Hours Course - with FREE downloadable assessment forms.

  • Sponsored courses 5K and 5L are excellent assessment courses for working with veterans redeployed to home with PTSD, SUDs, and other 'silent injuries' of war.  

  • AOD Course 5H - Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships: Identification and Intervention with Families and Couples (5 credit hours) - is an excellent assessment course for working with individuals who are not readily admitting to an alcohol problem. This course includes multiple standardized and empirically validated AOD ASSESSMENT FORMS which may be saved and printed on your computer for personal use. (Whether you decide to enroll in this course and take the quiz or not, you can download these forms for free.)



The following 5 courses are applicable to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning for AOD clients in this new day of Health Care Reform - the Affordable Care Act or ACA:

We provide very specific examples of how to justify the treatment that the client needs - as well as the documentation traps to avoid.  This course is now offered in a PDF self-paced slide show format, and is FREE to read and print from links in the course catalog.  

  •  8 Credit Hours - Managed Care Course 5A – Welcome to Care Management! a.k.a., 'Do They Really Need Treatment?'  

  • 6.25 Credit Hours - Managed Care Course 4A - 'This Is Managed Behavioral Health Care - and Its Impact On YOU'.  [The same as Course 5A but with one less credit hour

  • 2 Credit Hours - Course 2B - "They're Coming to Audit WHEN?"  A highly practical guide to the treatment authorization process within Health Care Reform (Managed Care), and its implications for YOUR documentation in your clients' records .... a.k.a. 'What Can Go WRONG in That Chart?'  Hours

  • 2 Credit Hours - Course 2C - "We Have to Change WHAT?" Some of this material is addressed in Course 2B.  However, in more detail we look at the clinical and financial shifts that are necessary in order to successfully deliver AOD and Mental Health treatment within a managed care environment, and some creative options to propose to contract managers. 

- Includes specific, practical clinical examples of the 'Four Core Concepts' that determine approval or denial of treatment requests:  1) Medical Necessity,  2) Current Functionality, 3) Treatment Goals and Interventions vis-a-vis Diagnosis and Functionality, and 4) Progress in Response to Treatment, including potential for additional gains or sustained functionality.   



Free CE CEU Course 1B - It awards 1.5 Credit Hours to everyone.  A PowerPoint slide show which summarizes the significant clinical changes in Addiction Treatment, brought about by ACA Health Care Reform (Managed Systems of Care), including an overview of how to 'think like a Care Manager' when requesting and documenting treatment services.

Free CE Course 1D - It's a Quiz-Only Course, and awards 1 Credit Hour (and 0.5 NBCC Hours). Clinical issues in intensive outpatient AOD treatment.  



Go Here for the Quick Guide to Enrolling in Courses, Taking Quizzes, and Earning Certificates

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Also, when you are in a payment screen, PLEASE DO NOT click the purchase button more than ONCE!  It may take a few moments to process your purchase.

Plus    FREE Course 1D - 'Substance Abuse: Clinical Issues in Intensive Outpatient Treatment'
Plus    Course 5K - Part 1 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    Course 5L - Part 2 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    AOD Course 5H - Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships: Identification and Intervention with Families and Couples
Plus    Ethics Course 4B_Rights of Persons Living with Serious Mental Illness and Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders - Our Ethical and Practical Responsibilities
Plus    Course 3B - The Big Transition in the AOD Field: Managed Care, the ACA, Justifying Need for Treatment - Oh How It's Changed!
Plus    Course 3C - Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad! Biopsychosocial and Risk Assessment and Diagnosis of Children and Adolescents - from Ethics to Practice and Into the Courtroom
Plus    Course 2F - Personality Disorders in Patients With HIV/AIDS
Plus    Course 2H - HIV and AOD Issues with Adolescents and Families
Plus    Course 3H - Principles of Adolescent SUD Assessment and Treatment - A Research-Based Practical Guide
Plus    Course 4J - Anger Management: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Manual
Plus    Managed Care Course 5A - Welcome to Care Management! Do They REALLY Need Treatment?
Plus    Course 5J - Suicide Risk and Prevention for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth
Plus     Course 6J - Ending Conversion Therapy_Supporting and Affirming LGBTQ Youth
Plus    Course 2J_Basic Guide to Traumatic Stress, Complex Trauma, and Resilience
Plus    Ethics 4D - When Insurance and State Contracts Are Paying the Bill – The Ethics of Treatment Documentation and Other Ethical Dilemmas
Plus    Course 3J - Professional Guide to Supporting LGBTQI2-S Children and Adolescents
Plus    Course 2B - They're Coming to Audit WHEN? a.k.a. 'What Can Go WRONG In That Chart?'
Plus    Course 2C - We Have to Change WHAT?
Plus    Course 6A - Mental Health Response to Mass Violence and Terrorism: A Training Manual
Plus    Course 4H - Psychotherapeutic Medications: What Every Counselor Should Know
Plus    Course 3F - A Community Approach to Reducing Maternal Depression and Its Impact on Young Children
Plus    Managed Care Course 4A - This Is Managed Behavioral Health Care - and It's Not Your Grandpa's Chevy!
Plus    [Florida] Course 5K_DV_Part 1 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    [Florida] Course 5L_DV_Part 2 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    [Florida] Ethics 3C - Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad: From Ethics to Practice and Into the Courtroom
Plus    Course 5N - Growing Up Girl - Girls Matter!
Plus    Course 3I - Bullying Prevention and Response - A Training Guide
Plus    Course 2D - The Ethics of Advance Directives: Assisting Clients and Families with Plans for End of Life Care
Plus    Course 2E - The Treatment and Management of Depression in Adults
Plus    Course 3A - Managed Care - Is There Anything GOOD About It?
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