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Still looking for an HHSC-approved Human Trafficking course certificate? You have found it, and it also earns 8 CEUs toward your regular CE requirement. It's just $22, or FREE with CEU By Net's $49 Unlimited CE package.  

The CE certificate for completion of 'Human Trafficking of Adolescents in America' is approved by HHSC for renewal of your healthcare license in Texas.  

The 8 CEUs earned in this Human Trafficking course also apply to your normal CE categories - Ethics, Assessment, Trauma-Informed Care, Cultural Awareness, LGBTQ Support and Affirmation, Community Coordination, Crisis Intervention, State and Federal Laws pertaining to sex and labor trafficking, and Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health. 

National Associations and Certification Boards also accept the 8 CE credits awarded for this course, including NAADAC, EACC-EAPA, IC&RC, Florida CE Broker, Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council, California CCAPP, CAADE, and CADTP, and more. 

California BBS and NBCC approve 5.5 credit hours for NCCs and other behavioral health providers including Social Workers, MFTs, and  Counselors.   

If you are an LPC, LCSW, LMFT, LCDC, or other mental health or addiction counselor or healthcare provider, you can enroll in this online course now for $22 or for FREE at no charge with CEU By Net's 'Unlimited CEUs Annual Subscription' plan. 

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Pay $22 to take this online course, or take it for FREE with CEU By Net's Annual Subscription - just $49 for unlimited CEUs on our website for an entire year.   

Human Trafficking of Adolescents in America teaches a culturally sensitive, ethical approach to working with homeless and runaway youth who live on the street and become sex and labor trafficking victims, as well as those who are living at home and going to school - trafficked by family or boyfriend or the neighbor next door. 

CEU By Net's Human Trafficking course provides understanding of the physical and emotional trauma inflicted upon adolescent victims of sex and labor trafficking, and the reasons why they are unable to escape their controllers without help from behavioral health and law enforcement professionals.

The course presents a client-centered, trauma-informed trafficking prevention and intervention approach, and a comprehensive Human Trafficking Assessment. The assessment identifies and assesses the mental health and physical needs of adolescent trafficking victims as well as to ethically obtain data for law enforcement which can be used in prosecution of perpetrators. 

Understand the legal definitions of Human Trafficking for both minors and adults as defined by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), and know how to recognize the various forms of sex trafficking and labor trafficking to which victims are submitted.

Learn how to effectively coordinate with law enforcement to facilitate prosecution of sex and labor traffickers, and the steps needed to keep both the victim and the program staff safe in the process.  



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