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Unlimited CEUs - Just $54.95!


Welcome to CEU By Net!  This Is Our 'Annual Subscription' Information Page.  Get UNLIMITED CEUs and PDHs on This Website for a Full Year, for Only $54.95. 

Mental Health and Addiction Counselors, Social Workers, LMFTs, and CEAPs  - Pay only $54.95 per year for UNLIMITED ONLINE CE COURSES in  Ethics, Assessment, Addiction, CBT Family Therapy, Domestic Violence, Terrorism and Trauma Response, Prevention of LGBT Adolescent Suicide, SUDs, Aging, Veterans, and the Affordable Care Act

 With the purchase of our Annual Subscription for a flat-rate one-time fee of only $54.95, you can enroll in UNLIMITED courses on our website for a full year at no additional charge. Choose unlimited courses now and for the coming year, take the quizzes, and download your certificates - all at no additional charge.  Your subscription is good for 12 months from the date of purchase.  


ANNOUNCEMENT!   Each and every course on our website is now a 'Quiz Only' course! You can now READ and PRINT ALL of our courses and their quizzes FOR FREE - without even registering on our website. Register and enroll in the course ONLY if you want to take the quiz for credit.


Quick Guide to Enroll in Courses


We revised and expanded many of our courses this past year, and we will be adding more courses on a regular basis this year. Enroll in all of the AOD and Mental Health CE courses you want with no restrictions or limitations whatsoever - at a total cost of only $54.95.  It's a very nice option! 

On this site, there's no need to wander around the site looking for the certificate.  Just log in to your account, click on the name of the course .... and if you have completed the course and the feedback form, there is a BIG BLUE LINK to download your certificate. 

 In fact, there is no waiting for anything on this website.  It's online and operating on a 24/7 basis - accessible from any computer which has a connection to the internet.   


If you want to peruse our various topic-specific catalogs and course descriptions and quizzes, just click 'COURSES' on the menu bar above, and scroll down the drop-down list until you find a topic that you want to know more about.  Click, and we will take you there.

 To see how to take a 'Quiz Only' course for credit, take a look at the 'Quiz Only' Catalog.  Read and print the course materials AND the quizzes for FREE before deciding if you want to register on our site and/or to enroll in specific courses!

If you decide to purchase a subscription, first set up an account (i.e., register) and go for it!  There are links here on this page, to get you to the 'Annual Subscription' purchase page - where you can use PayPal or any major debit or credit card.

With an Annual Subscription posted to your account, you can then enroll in any and all courses that interest you at no additional charge for an ENTIRE YEAR.  

NOTE:  After you purchase a subscription, please be sure that you are LOGGED IN to your account before you click the 'SIGN UP NOW' button that resides to the left of each course description in the course catalogs.  Otherwise, the system won't know who you are and it will ask you to pay for the course.  [Note:  You can simply ignore the price tags next to the SIGN UP NOW buttons. Those are for people without a subscription. 

But pick up the phone and 'call us' if your issue is urgent, or if you want to discuss something you have read, or have some questions which we have not addressed on our FAQ page or our Troubleshooting page.  In that case, we are here and readily available to you from 11:00 AM until 10 PM, seven days per week.  If we happen to be away from our phone when you call, leave a message - or even better, shoot us an email at  We regularly retrieve support emails no matter where we are.


Click HERE to go to the 'PURCHASE' page for the Annual Subscription.   Please wait a moment - still processingAnd when you are on the payment screen, PLEASE click the purchase button ONLY ONCE!  It may take a few moments for your transaction to complete.  If you click again before the process has completed, you will likely be charged twice.   


With our Annual Subscription, you can take unlimited online Continuing Education and Professional Development courses which are approved and accepted for Social Workers, Counselors, and Therapists in almost every state.  For information about Our Approvals, click HERE

Our subject matter includes most of the currently relevant topics sought by licensees as well as those specialty topics required by many state boards - and you can take them ALL - unlimited - at no cost - for one full year, with an Annual Subscription.

Some of our most popular course topics include these:   Ethics with a different slant  |  Assessment and Diagnosis - including how to avoid professional competence allegations and ethics issues.  |  Working with War Zone Veterans who return home with PTSD and other 'silent injuries', using a CBT approach. | Treatment and assessment of individuals, groups, and families with Dual Diagnosis mental health and addiction issues using CBT. |  How to survive Health Care Reform and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). ALL of our Managed Care courses are now free to read and print, in PDF format.

ARE THERE RESTRICTIONS or LIMITATIONS on what you can take with your Annual Subscription?  NOT on this website!  Unlike some plans offered elsewhere, there are no restrictions on the courses you may take.  Your choice of courses in which to enroll is UNLIMITED - it includes everything that is posted on our site at the time you purchase your subscription (currently, over 100 Clock Hours of CE Credit), plus new courses which are added throughout the year.  Want to buy a subscription?  Click Here.  



CERTIFICATES:  All of our courses have instantly downloadable certificates in an easy-to-print PDF format, clearly stating the goals of the course and the number of CLOCK HOURS of CE CREDIT you have earned.  You can save the certificate to your computer - or even email it to yourself or someone else.  Misplace it?  Not a problem.  Just re-download it.  Want to add something to your credentials?  Not a problem.  Just add the new license or certification to your Student Profile, and re-print your certificate.  And if you are taking your courses on a mobile device, you can EMAIL your certificate to yourself, and print it when you have access to a printer.  Very convenient! 

 HOW CE CREDIT IS AWARDED:  We use the informal term 'CEUs' in some webpage content and in search engine metadata - and many state licensing boards use the term 'CEUs' in their continuing education regulations.  HOWEVER, your CE Certificate will ALWAYS state the NUMBER of 'CLOCK HOURS' of CE training earned, as well as the number of PDHs which have been approved by EACC. 





What Kind of Courses Do We Offer?  In What Formats?   Very Popular Aging Courses





Take a Look!  Some of Our AOD and Mental Health Courses Are a Bit Non-Traditional - It's Not Your Usual Fare.  We Want to Keep Things Interesting! And Relevant.  And Affordable. So What Kind of Courses Can You Choose?  Take a Look at the Clickable Links Below. For Information About Our Course Formats, Go HERE.     

Click the links below for more information about courses offered in various clinical areas.    







And What Course Formats Do We Offer? Go Here to See.   

 If you want to try a couple of FREE mental health and AOD CE courses first, click HERE.


OUR APPROVALS Unlimited CEUs - Annual Subscription

 CEU By Net is a licensed CE provider for NBCC, EACC, and TCBAP-TAAP (an IC&RC Member Board which is an approved NAADAC provider). We are also approved by multiple state boards including Texas, California, Alabama, and Florida. 

Based upon these accreditations, ALMOST EVERY STATE accepts our course credits for AOD and Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, some states' Psychologists, Rehabilitation Specialists, and more.  Click HERE to go to our interactive state map - click on your state - and view what we know about our approval status with YOUR Board.  

To see all of the course topics that we currently offer on the site: Please click COURSES on our tool bar, and then scroll through the drop-down list, clicking any that interest you.  




What Course Formats Do We Offer? Read on Below.

ABOUT OUR COURSE FORMATS:   CEU By Net's courses are currently offered in three formats - Adobe PDF, Adobe Flash, and regular HTML web pages that can be saved as a PDF document. 

And all courses listed on the 'QUIZ ONLY' catalog page can be VIEWED, PRINTED, AND DOWNLOADED FOR FREE.

Treatment Approaches for Adults and Youth - Including LGBT Adolescent Suicide Prevention'QUIZ ONLY' COURSES have rapidly become our most popular course format. You can view and print the course materials and a copy of the quiz for FREE, before you decide if you want to enroll in the course. You pay ONLY if you decide to take the quiz to earn a certificate - and if you have an Annual Subscription, you enroll for FREE.  Click here to go to our catalog page to view our Quiz Only courses.  

DO YOU LIKE SLIDE SHOWS THAT YOU CONTROL YOURSELF?  In addition to our text-based documents (e.g., professional publications), we also offer SLIDE SHOW FORMATS, including ADOBE FLASH and Adobe PDF versions. 

If you want, you can watch the demos of these courses here:

Ethics Demo In PDF Format 

  Aging Demo In PDF Format  





In addition to our Texas, CaliforniaFlorida, Alabama, and NBCC CE Provider certifications, our CEUs and CE courses are accepted IN ALMOST EVERY STATE by Professional Counselor and LMFT Boards, and by numerous Social Worker Boards.  All courses on our site are now pre-approved for PDH credit by EACC, and 95% of the courses on our site are approved by Texas Certification Board of Addition Professionals (TCBAP) and TAAP.   Because we are a CE Provider for TAAP, our course credits are automatically accepted by NAADAC.

Click Here for Our Interactive Map, for YOUR State and License.  

Here's a partial list  of licenses found in the states which either APPROVE our CEUs automatically, or in which we meet all PUBLISHED criteria for 'Accepted Sources for CE Credit': 

NOTE:  Even if YOUR license is not listed on our interactive map, most states accept our Continuing Education courses and CEU credits based upon our CE Provider status with Licensing and Certification Boards in Texas, California, Alabama, and Florida, our national NBCC certification, and our international EACC PDH certification.  

All of the courses on our site are accepted in California, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, New Mexico, Delaware, New Jersey, Alaska, Kentucky, Maryland, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Maine, Tennessee, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, New Hampshire, Washington, Wyoming, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia,  Kentucky, Louisiana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Georgia, Oklahoma, Utah, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Illinois, Montana, Oregon, Alaska, Indiana, and District of Columbia (DC).   



PLEASE NOTE: After you purchase an Annual Subscription, you must be LOGGED IN TO YOUR 'My Home Page' BEFORE YOU CLICK THE 'SIGN UP NOW' button in the catalog.  Otherwise, the system won't know who you are, and will ask you to pay. 








CEU By Net - UNLIMITED CEUsThanks for visiting CEU By Net!








































































































All content on this site is Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Pendragon Associates and/or CEU by Net

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