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Course 2G - Texas-Specific Ethics for LPC - Quiz



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'Counseling,' when performed by Texas LPCs, does not include 'psychotherapy' as one of the techniques to assist clients in the therapeutic relationship.
True False
LPCs may perform all of the therapeutic and assessment activities below, except _____________
assessment of personal characteristics, disabilities, and mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders
assistance in understanding and solving current or potential problems that the person seeking consultation may have with regard to a third party, including an individual, group, or an organization
evaluation, assessment, and treatment by counseling methods, techniques, and procedures for mental and emotional disorders, alcoholism and substance abuse, and conduct disorders
standardized projective techniques
A licensee may engage in sexual contact with a client if the contact begins more than three years after the end of the counseling relationship and the non-therapeutic relationship is consensual, not the result of exploitation by the licensee, and is not detrimental to the client.
True False
The licensee shall not provide counseling services to previous or current ________
family members;
personal friends;
educational associates;
business associates
all of the above
Client records created by licensees during the scope of their employment by State or County Governmental Agencies are not held accountable for provisions in the Code of Ethics which require documentation of principal treatment methods, progress notes, treatment plans, and billing information.
True False
A licensee shall terminate a professional counseling relationship when it is reasonably clear that the client is not benefiting from the relationship; and if professional counseling is still necessary upon termination of the relationship, the licensee shall take reasonable steps to facilitate the transfer to appropriate care.
True False
If a licensee becomes aware that an individual is providing Counseling Services as defined in the Code of Ethics without a license to do so, the Texas LPC Ethics statute requires that the licensee
inform the individual that he or she is in violation of State Licensing regulations
report to the board knowledge of any unlicensed practice of counseling.
both of the above
If a client alleges sexual exploitation, sexual contact, or therapeutic deception by another licensee or a mental health services provider, the licensee shall report the alleged conduct not later than the third business day after the date the licensee became aware of the conduct or the allegations to:
the prosecuting attorney in the county in which the alleged sexual exploitation, sexual contact or therapeutic deception occurred;
the board if the conduct involves a licensee and any other state licensing agency which licenses the mental health provider;
both of the above
It is acceptable to display a reproduced copy of the LPC license if your original license certificate has been lost.
True False
A licensee who does not hold the art therapy specialty designation cannot use art therapy as a counseling method.
True False
The board may consider conduct prior to licensure in determining whether an applicant or licensee is qualified to practice counseling, including conduct that would have been a violation of the code of ethics if the person had been licensed.
True False
Pertaining to nonemergency medical care of a minor in a disaster: In addition to consent for treatment of a contagious disease and care for pregnancy, a minor may consent to his or her own medical, dental, psychological, and surgical treatment if the minor _________.
is at least 16 years old and lives separate from his or her parent, managing conservator, or guardian and manages his or her own financial affairs
consents to examination and treatment for drug or chemical addiction or dependency
is unmarried, has actual custody of his or her own child, and has consented, as the child’s parent, to medical, dental, psychological, or surgical treatment for the child.
is on active duty with the U.S. armed services
all of the above
A health care professional may not provide emergency medical care to a minor during a natural or man-made disaster without first obtaining the consent of the minor’s parent, guardian, or managing conservator.
True False
State law defines “emergency medical care” as services provided after ______________ with acute symptoms of sufficient severity that the absence of immediate medical attention might reasonably be expected to place the patient’s health in serious jeopardy, or result in serious impairment to bodily functions or serious dysfunction of a bodily organ or part.
the sudden onset of a medical condition
the sudden onset of a traumatic condition
both of the above
A minor 16 years of age or older may request voluntary admission to an inpatient mental health facility or to a facility for chemical dependency treatment without parental consent.
True False
A physician, psychologist, counselor, or social worker may counsel a minor without parental consent if the licensed professional has reasonable grounds to believe that the minor has been (1) sexually, physically, or emotionally abused; (2) is contemplating suicide; or (3) is suffering from chemical or drug addiction or dependency.
True False
According to HIPAA regulations, health care plans, health care clearinghouses, and health care providers must obtain consent from patients for the use and disclosure of private health information for treatment, payment, and health care operations.
True False
Section 164.512(d) permits health care providers to disclose private health information to a health oversight agency for oversight activities including
audits and inspections
civil, administrative or criminal investigations, and licensure or disciplinary actions
oversight of the health-care system and government benefit programs
regulation or compliance with civil rights laws.
all of the above


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