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Aging Courses for CA BBS, CEAPs, Social Workers, and Counselors


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It's Not Always Alzheimer's Disease! Learn How to Identify Stress-Related Behavioral Disturbance and Cognitive Impairment in the Elderly. Course 4G Meets California BBS's Requirement for Continuing Education in Aging, and It's Also Approved by NBCC, NAADAC, IC&RC, and EACC for CEUs.

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Course 4G - Obtain a Differential Diagnosis Between Depression and Dementia. Develop Interventions That Work, Based on Remaining Strengths and Skills.

Course 2D - Know How to Ethically Provide Guidance in End of Life Care with Elderly and Their Families.  

Course 2E - Obtain Training in the Stepped-Care Model of Treatment of Depression.


Course 4G Overview — Training presents several vignettes of strength-based treatment of behaviorally disordered elderly in a day treatment setting. It's Course 4G in the Aging Catalog

Cognitive impairment is not always the result of progressive Alzheimer's disease and related physiological changes. Mental confusion and related cognitive impairment—with or without disruptive or inappropriate behavior episodes, and with or without depression - are often the result of stress-producing abrupt changes in life circumstances. 

Events with a disruptive impact include a change in the living environment or loss of possessions; the death or other loss of a friend, a treasured pet, or a loved one;  the loss of independence, loss of physical functioning due to strokes, and physical illness or surgery. 

This course presents a STRUCTURED SKILLS-BASED TREATMENT approach to working effectively with acute cognitive impairment and behavioral difficulties of the elderly. The course also helps you to ASSESS and PRIORITIZE the cognitive impairment and behavioral issues at hand.

The course contains extensive vignettes from real life which demonstrate how to address the most vexing of cognitive and behavioral problems in the elderly. 



We offer three very different continuing education courses in Aging.  Go here, to the Aging Course Catalog to enroll.
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Earn 6 CEUs (4 for NBCC and California) Training presents several vignettes of strength-based treatment of behaviorally disordered elderly in a day treatment setting. This is a PDF slide-show format.  It's Course 4G in the Aging Catalog.


Earn 2 CEUs (1.25 hours for NBCC) - Take Continuing Education Course 2D - The Ethics and Process of Assisting with Plans for End of Life Care -  i.e., 'Advance Directives'.  As Every CE Course On Our Website, It's a FREE to View Course.  And It's Both an Ethics Course and a Therapeutic Intervention Course! 

Earn 2 CEUs (1.5 for NBCC) - Take CE Course 2E - The Treatment and Management of Depression in Adults.  It Offers a Specific Step-Staged Approach to Treating Depression in the Elderly and Other Clients. Learn the 'Stepped Care Model' for Addressing Depression at Various Stages of Severity.   


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