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Trauma and Crisis Management
'Trauma and Crisis' Management CEUs


Welcome to CEU By Net.  In this 'Trauma and Crisis Management' Catalog, you will find Continuing Education courses and CEUs for Mental Health and Addiction Counselors, in multiple areas of crisis intervention and response to trauma. 

There are three new courses, one of which is an in-depth course on Risk Management of Adverse and Critical Incidents in the treatment program and the EAP workplace. 


These courses teach clinically sound approaches to a broad spectrum of traumatic conditions and situations which impact both children and adults - from the family and the classroom, to the treatment program and workplace, to the battlefield.


In this catalog, you will find courses in Trauma-Informed Care, child and adolescent Complex Trauma, a toolkit for schools in response to student or employee suicide, and PTSD resulting from battlefield trauma.  Other courses include the professional response to mass violence and terrorism, marital trauma, schoolyard and cyberbullying, prevention of suicide in LGBTQ adolescents, and ending the trauma of Conversion Therapy for LGBTQ youth.  


Earn Unlimited CEUs for $54.95 per year on this website. 


These courses are for Mental Health and Addiction Counselors and other Professionals and are approved by EACC, NBCC, NAADAC, TCBAP-TAAP, IC&RC, Florida CE Broker, California BBS, and multiple state licensure boards for Mental Health and Addiction treatment providers and Certified Employment Assistance Professionals (CEAPs).  



Course 3T - 'Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health' - 3 CEUs 

Course 6B - 'After a Suicide: Toolkit for Schools' - 6 CEUs

Course 7R - 'The Essentials of Risk Management' - 7.5 CEUs   


Go to the complete list of Trauma and Crisis Management courses in this catalog, below. 

NOTE:  The 'Domestic Violence and Family Intervention Catalog' addresses a different set of courses.
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Plus    Course 3T - Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health
Plus    Course 6B - After a Suicide: Toolkit for Schools
Plus    Course 2J_Basic Guide to Traumatic Stress, Complex Trauma, and Resilience
Plus    Course 7R - Essentials of Risk Management
Plus    Course 5J - Suicide Risk and Prevention for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth
Plus     Course 6J - Ending Conversion Therapy_Supporting and Affirming LGBTQ Youth
Plus    Course 5K - Part 1 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    [Florida] Course 5K_DV_Part 1 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    Course 5L - Part 2 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    [Florida] Course 5L_DV_Part 2 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    Course 6A - Mental Health Response to Mass Violence and Terrorism: A Training Manual
Plus    Course 3I - Bullying Prevention and Response - A Training Guide for Use Within Schools and the Community
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