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Cultural Competence with Diverse Populations

Effective Cultural Competence training for counselors extends beyond equity, inclusivity, and ethnicity. Your client's Personal Culture is unique to that individual and operates continuously in the background. Take these nationally approved cultural awareness courses for FREE with our $49 Unlimited CEUs Plan.

Therapeutic success depends on your selection of appropriate tools and techniques to accommodate the Personal Culture of a diverse client population. 

An individual's Personal Culture is substantially determined by religious, personal, and familial belief systems, personal values and goals, chosen or circumstantial lifestyle, history of trauma, sexual identity and orientation, education and employment experiences, age, and more. 

CEU By Net's continuing education courses provide the cultural competence skills and tools that are structured to work with the client's Personal Culture - a perspective that is essential to achieve accurate clinical assessment, diagnosis(es), and treatment intervention in a diverse client population.  

Scan through the ⁣SUMMARIES⁣ of some Cultural Competence courses below, to identify areas that are relevant to your work.

For a complete list of our Cultural Competence courses and to enroll in a course, go to the Cultural Competence Catalog, HERE.


Below, you will find an overview of courses that address the Personal Culture factors affecting survivors of Human Trafficking and mass violence, the complex nature of the adolescent substance use culture, the impact of Personal Culture on survivors of grief and trauma, and the impact of depression in single mothers and their children whose Personal Culture includes life in an impoverished community, and more. 

Obtain insight about Personal Culture factors that impact the response of LGBT adolescents to counseling, and those factors that should be considered in your preparation of Suicide Prevention and Postvention plans in schools. 

Know how to design Harm Reduction Programs for people living with co-occurring HIV and behavioral health disorders, and your approach to war zone veterans returning home with PTSD and SUD.  

How do you approach the need for End of Life Care with children, adults, and their family members, considering their personal history and the circumstances of the terminal situation? Course 2D provides valuable guidance.


Learn how to adapt your counseling approach to your client's Personal Culture.

Take these courses for FREE with our Unlimited CEU Subscription, for only $49 per year.  It's our most popular purchase option. 



CEU By Net offers nationally approved online Cultural Competence training courses for behavioral health professionals, earning credit for NBCC, NAADAC, EACC, IC&RC, and most state boards. 

Courses are appropriate for Counselors, Social Workers, LMFTs, and LCDCs.  

Our online cultural training courses are published by SAMHSA and its national partners and are sponsored online by CEU By Net, LLC. 


Brief Guide to Cultural Competence Courses



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