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SAMHSA Publication - Ending Conversion TherapyCEU By Net offers training courses for mental health and addiction counselors which present a clear explanation of the biological basis for LGBTQ identity and orientation - supporting the need for affirmative medical care of transsexual children and adolescents. 

CEU By Net's courses are designed to be helpful in your program or practice when counseling with anxious youth and resistant or confused families - addressing the complex genetic, hormonal, biophysical, emotional, cultural, and social factors which affect LGBTQ children and adolescents, including those who are Transgender and Intersex.   

Learn ethical counseling approaches to use in your work with LGBTQ youth who experience social and family rejection and abuse, homelessness and living on the street, entrapment in human sex trafficking, and suicide risk. 

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Go here for help in locating practical tools to use in your practice or program - including assessment forms, checklists, worksheets, fact sheets, and documentation formats to use with schools, parents, and community partners - in the complex process of gender affirmation, prevention of bullying, and prevention of suicide.


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 Unlimited CEUs - $49 per year. 


Brief Description of CEU By Net's CE Courses for Working with LGBTQ Youth and Families 

   Course 8T 'Human Trafficking of Adolescents in America' is an informative, client-centered, research-based study of how children and adolescents become sexually trafficked throughout the USA, and how mental health and addiction professionals can help them to learn ways to remain safe and to ultimately escape from human trafficking perpetrators.  Many of these trafficked youth are LGBTQ adolescents who have been forced to live on the street due to family rejection and abuse.  


Course 5P-A 'Preventing Suicide - Tool Kit for High Schools' presents a comprehensive Risk Management and culturally sensitive approach to preventing primary suicides of students in High Schools as well as a postvention approach to preventing 'copy cat' or 'contagion' suicides in the surviving student population.  LGBTQ adolescents are particularly vulnerable to suicide, and this course includes specific guidelines for teaching awareness of this risk to teachers, school administrators, and parents of LGBTQ youth.  


Course 6J 'Ending Conversion Therapy with LGBTQ Youth' is a research-based approach to biomedical affirmation of transsexual youth, and to the psychosocial support of gay, bisexual, and questioning youth - with the goal for all being a  healthy transition to adulthood.

There is also clear guidance in helping resistant parents who oppose their child's sexual identity to develop a positive relationship despite misgivings.  This is a sea-change publication which has served as the impetus for all national medical, mental health, and addiction treatment organizations to join in the mandate to end Conversion Therapy.  


Course 5J 'Suicide Risk and Prevention for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth' focuses upon the family dynamics which oftentimes result in homelessness, sexual trafficking, and suicide of LGBTQ Youth.  Approaches to identifying all of these adverse conditions are addressed, as well as collaborative approaches to supporting children and adolescents who are so affected, within the community.   

Course 3J 'Professional Guide to Supporting LGBTQ Children and Adolescents,' focuses upon the community- and school-oriented support of LGBTQ children and adolescents.  This course is appropriate for social workers, mental health and addiction counselors, MFTs and CEAPs who work with LGBTQ youth and their families, and with community service organizations serving these youth including schools, child protection and welfare agencies, community centers of various types, and health care providers. 


CEU By Net's LGBTQ training credits, CEUs, and PDHs are approved for counselors, therapists, and social workers by NBCC, EACC-EAPA, NAADAC, IC&RC, Florida CE Broker, Texas and California Mental Health and Addiction Licensing Boards, and by most other states for behavioral health. 


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