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Free Courses and CEUs for Counselors

Welcome to CEU By Net. We Offer Free Online CEUs for NBCC Counselors, Social Workers, and LMFTs, and an Unlimited CEU Plan for $54.95.  All Courses Are Pre-Approved by Florida CE Broker, NAADAC, EACC, NBCC, CCAPP, IC&RC, TCBAP, and California, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Oregan, Iowa, Montana, Wyoming, Kansas, Ohio, and Most Other States for Behavioral Health. 



CEU By Net's inexpensive online courses are relevant to the work that you do in this era of Healthcare Reform.  Course topics include ethics, affirmation of LGBTQ youth, CBT treatment for SUDs and veterans, family and adolescent dynamics, PTSD, and anger management in a group treatment format. 


You will also find courses that focus on diagnosis and assessment of adults and children from the perspective of 'medical necessity,' medication management for both mental health and addiction, dual diagnoses, HIV-AIDS from a behavioral health perspective, 'audit-proof' clinical documentation, adult depression, Managed Care, and more. 

  Go here to check for YOUR STATE's approvals.     

Are you looking for FREE online courses with NBCC approved CE Credit? Free Addiction and Mental Health CEUs?  We offer two free courses - one in a PDF text format and one in a slideshow format. 


CEUs for our online courses are NBCC, EACC, IC&RC, and NAADAC approved, and 7multiple State Addiction and Mental Health Boards approve all of our inexpensive course credits for license renewal.

Read the summary of our two free courses, and click the blue links to go to the catalog to enroll. You will need to set up your username and password to enroll in courses.  


Want Unlimited CEUs for a very small price? Then try our Unlimited CEUs Annual Subscription for only $54.95 per year. 

Have mouse - get courseHow 'unlimited' is our Annual Subscription?  And how inexpensive? There are no restrictions or limitations on which courses you can take, or how many, for an entire year.  And the price is so unusual that we get calls every day asking if this is real.  Yes, it is real, 365 days per year.  It's only $54.95, with no additional charges and no strings attached.        



On This Page, You Can Learn How to Do Everything With Your Certificate:  How to Earn a Certificate.  How to Print It.  Save It.  Email It.  Re-download It.  


Go Here for the Quick Guide to Enrolling in Courses, Taking Quizzes, and Earning Certificates.  


About Our Online CEU (Clock Hour) and PDH Quizzes and Certificates:  

Want to see how our courses and certificates actually work on this website? Then try one or both of our FREE COURSES.  You can earn FREE CEUs or PDHs, and get two FREE certificates.

How Many Credits Per Course?  Always check to see how many CE Credits you will receive for each course in which you enroll, in the first paragraph of the Course Description in the catalog.  The number of CE Credit Hours awarded for most (but not all) courses is LESS for NBCC than it is for other credentialing organizations.  Why?  Because NBCC requires 6000 words per credit hour, whereas other entities require 4000.  Your My Home Page and your certificates will also tell you how many credits you have earned.


How do our quizzes work?


One quick note:  Most of our courses have only ONE quiz.  Some of them have more than one quiz, but they are shorter quizzes. 

You're perhaps wondering how hard it is to take quizzes and earn certificates here on this site.  If so, here's some good information:  

Just print a copy of the quiz before you start the course, and mark your answers on the quiz copy as you move through the materials.  Take your time to work on the course.  There's no rush at our end.  Log out if you want, then log back in later.  Continue reading and marking answers on your quiz copy as you move along. 

Then, when you are ready to take the quiz online, TAKE JUST A COUPLE OF MINUTES TO TRANSFER YOUR ANSWERS from your quiz copy to the online quiz.  Then click 'Submit'!  Our automated system instantly grades it and gives you the results online, on your screen. 

A passing score is 75%.  You may take the quiz again immediately if you don't pass it the first time (although the majority of our website users do pass it on the first attempt because they have been marking answers as they find them in the study document). 



How to Download and Print Your Continuing Education Certificates?

Upon completion of your quiz(zes) AND the submission of the required Feedback form, we automatically show you a 'Congratulations' message with a BLUE LINK to download your certificate. Just click it once, and then again on the next page where it says "Click HERE to download your certificate".

The certificate will appear on your screen. And you can immediately SAVE IT.  And PRINT IT.  And EMAIL IT.  And RE-DOWNLOAD IT, any time, from any computer.

And If You Don't Have a Printer, We Will Mail It To You!  

You need to have Adobe Reader or another PDF program in order to print your certificate correctly.  If you need to download the free Adobe Reader, just click here. And if you are using a MAC and are having problems printing your certificate (maybe it's missing your name or other details), there's a simple fix for MAC pdf issues - click here to access it.   


Lose Your Certificate, or Need to View or Download It Later?

Here's how to locate and print your certificate if you want to view and print it at a later time: You can re-download these certificates any time.

1. Sign in and you will be on your 'My Home Page' where all your courses are listed.

2. Pick a completed course for which you need a certificate, and click the link.

3.  You'll then be on the 'Study Guides and Quizzes' page for that course.

4. Follow the DOWNLOAD YOUR CERTIFICATE link.     

Want to Email It? 

Remember that you can download your certificate and print it repeatedly, from any computer at any time. But if for some reason you want to EMAIL it to yourself or someone else, here's how: When your certificate appears on your screen, just email the certificate that you see. 

How to do that?   Depending upon which PDF reader you are using, you would do one of the following:  

(1)  Look for the 'mail icon' (which may be a little 'envelope' on the PDF program's toolbar) and click it, and then choose to 'send the file' or 'send the link' through your email program . . . OR 

(2) You may need to click FILE on your toolbar, and then on the drop-down menu, click SEND, and then SEND PAGE or SEND LINK.       

How to Save It?

When your certificate appears on the screen, do this:

1. Click FILE on your toolbar, and then on the drop-down list, click 'SAVE' or 'SAVE AS' or 'SAVE A COPY'.  [On some browsers, you don't have to click 'FILE' first;  you will simply see the SAVE A COPY or SAVE AS tabs right there near the top of your browser.]  

2.  The 'filename' should be visible in the file name field; if not, give it a name.

3.  Then save it to a folder on your hard drive, or on a memory stick. THIS IS A PDF FILE TYPE, and you are viewing it and saving it with a PDF Reader like Adobe.

Using this same approach, you may EMAIL the file that you have saved, at any time, to anyone. Or keep it forever, for posterity!   


IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PRINTER? We can mail it to you by regular US Postal Service. Just email us!



Learn More Details About Our ONLINE AOD and Mental Health CEU and PDH Certificates, Below. 

What kind of online certificates do we issue?  

We provide credit hour certificates in a PDF Format, with all the goals of the course listed on the certificate, as well as all certifying entities.  You can download and save these certificates, print them, re-download them, and even email them. 

Don't_FAX_those_quizzes_We're_onlineAnd like most online CE Providers, you don't have to fax quizzes to us, to get your certificate.  It's all online. Our automated Pendragon Associates database system scores your quizzes and awards your certificates electronically. Our website is fully automatic, 24/7, 365 days per year.  


 With all of our online courses, you can read, download, print, and save the Quiz and the Course Materials for FREE before you decide to enroll.  Pay only if you want to take the quiz and earn the certificate! 

Please Note

And please note, unlike many 'quiz only' or 'exam only' courses offered elsewhere on the Internet, you DON'T have to buy a separate book from Amazon or from the CE Provider, prior to taking the quiz.  With our courses, you can download course materials FOR FREE on this website - immediately.  Then pay only if you want to take the quiz (exam).   




       CEU By Net offers interesting Addiction and Mental Health Continuing Education Programs - relevant and practical courses for Counselors, Social Workers, LMFTs, MFTs and others who are looking for useful material that you haven't seen several times before. Some of our courses are actually rather unique and non-traditional.  And we offer some special features that you have come to expect in online continuing education courses.


special_site_featuresThe Most Popular Features Offered on This Site.

Take UNLIMITED COURSES for an entire year with our Annual Subscription for only$54.95 per Year! 




Some of Our Most Popular Topics


Our continuing education courses cover multiple clinical issues which are quite RELEVANT for Counselors, Social Workers, MFTs and other mental health and addiction professionals.  You will find courses which pertain to diverse populations and age groups, including topics such as these:



To view various categories of courses, click the COURSES tab on the menu bar.  Then just slide down the drop-down menu until you find the category you are looking for.  This quick link will take you to the catalog for that topic or to a page that gives an overview of the category, with a link to the catalog.  


Thanks for visiting CEU By Net for Your Mental Health and AOD Continuing Education Needs!


All content on this site is Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Pendragon Associates and/or CEU by Net

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