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SAMHSA - Risk Managment | Preventing Suicide in Schools


Welcome to CEU By Net's 'Risk Management' Training Courses!

Risk. Identify It. Plan for It. Control It.

'But what is it?' and 'Do we really need this?' Yes! We all need Risk Management in everything we do in the Mental Health and Addiction Treatment field. And we know that you have questions about Risk Management and how to use it.  Get answers and CEUs, here, approved by NBCC, NAADAC, EACC, IC&RC, and most states nationwide. 


NEW!  Public Mass Shooting in K-12 - the Risk and the Path to Prevention

We offer several Risk Management Courses that focus upon the design and critical function of Risk Management in behavioral health treatment programs, schools, EAPs, private practices, and other health care organizations.

We now offer two courses for mental health and addiction providers on prevention and response to suicide in schools.  These courses include tools for you to use in training school administrators, teachers, employees, and parents in recognition and response to suicidal situations.  

If you are a clinical supervisor, our Clinical Supervision Course 4S gives you insight about the role of Risk Management in employee supervision and development. 

If you are looking for the risks associated with assessment of dual dignosis children and adolescents, you will find it here, in our Child Assessment Course 3C.  This course also provides a downloadable prototype of a Child and Adolescent Assessment that you can modify for your own practice - an important tool to avoid the legal and ethical risks and mistakes in assessment of youth.    

Understand why most human mistakes (Medical Error) in the delivery of care are the result of flaws in system design and implementation - and learn research-based Risk Management approaches to address it. 

Read on, below, for a brief overview of three of these Risk Management Courses.  And you can also go directly to the Risk Management Catalog here to see all seven courses in this category, including prevention and response to school suicides. 

Risk. Identify It. Plan for It. Control It.

Course 7R - The Essentials of Risk Management. 

Learn a step-by-step approach to identify the inherent risks that are present in every Behavioral Health workplace.  Understand the importance of establishing a prospective Risk Management plan to prevent Critical and Adverse incidents, and how to identify and correct the contributing factors when a Critical or Adverse incident does occur. 

This course includes numerous real-life vignettes and practical checklists which demonstrate the management of Risk in behavioral health treatment programs. 

Course 2M - Risk Management of Medical Error in Behavioral Health and Clinical Supervision 

 Medical Error extends beyond mistakes in prescribing and administering medication.  It includes ANY human mistake made within a treatment program that has harmed, or could have harmed, a patient or employee.

Learn why and how most such errors are committed by otherwise competent behavioral health managers, supervisors, and other professionals in the process of interacting with clients and each other.

Learn how to identify the system design and implementation flaws that are often the underlying cause of Medical Errors, and how to develop a remedial plan to resolve and monitor identified issues.


Course 4S - The Developmental Model of Clinical Supervision 

The 'Developmental Model of Clinical Supervision' includes the theory and practical application of the supervisory relationship, supervision ethics, methods and techniques, and exploration of multiple legal and cultural factors to be considered. Clinical Supervision inherently includes the role of risk management and prevention of medical errors. 


Course 4V - Public Mass Shooting - Clinical Factors, Challenges, and Prevention

Understanding what motivates and foreshadows tragic mass public shooting events based on research pubished by the National Institute of Justice.  How schools, employers, and police departments can prepare students and employees to recognize and report the 'leaks' that typically preceed these tragedies - a serious Risk Management event that is becoming more frequent and more severe in terms of loss of life.   


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