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Risk Management Programs for EAPs, Mental Health, and AddictionCourse 7R - The Essentials of Risk Management  and Course 2M - Risk Management of Medical Errors

Risk Management:  Learn How and Why. 

CEU By Net Offers New Two Courses Specifically Dedicated to Learning About and Implementing Risk Management in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Programs, plus several more.  

Understand How to Implement an Effective Risk Management Program in This Century's Most Challenging of Times.  Meet 'Risk' Face-to-Face in Schools, EAPs, SUD and Mental Health Programs - and in Prevention of Medical Errors.  Identify It, Plan for It, and Control It. 


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Including Our New 'Risk Management of Medical Errors' Course 2M  - Now Approved In Florida.


New course 7R - 'The Essentials of Risk Management' - is written and published online by CEU By Net and offers 7.5 Domain II PDHs approved by EACC-EAPA, and 7.5 CEUs for Mental Health and Addiction in most states.  Offers 5 Credit Hours for California BBS and NBCC and those licenses which require NBCC CE Approval.


"Your Worst Day Is an Opportunity for Improvement."


This course - The Essentials of Risk Management - includes numerous vignettes and practical checklists which demonstrate the Critical and Adverse Risk challenges in EAP, Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Programs.  Learn a step-by-step approach to identifying the inherent risks in the EAP and Behavioral Health workplace, and how to identify and correct the contributing factors when a Critical or Adverse incident does occur.  Learn how to set up a Risk Management Committee and how to document what you do to prevent adverse litigation and compliance penalties. 


This course demonstrates a principle which is derived from the teaching of the Joint Commission - 'Your worst day is an Opportunity for Improvement.' 


Approved for Mental Health and Addiction CEUs by NBCC, California BBS, Florida CE Broker and FCB, Alabama Social Work, NAADAC, IC&RC, TCBAP-TAAP, California CCAPP, Texas Mental Health Boards, Most State Boards for Behavioral Health, and pre-approved for 7.5 Domain II PDHs by EACC-EAPA.


Course 7R is written, published, and copyrighted by Marsha Watson Naylor, MA, LPC, CEU By Net - Pendragon Associates LLC, Austin, TX.  Ms. Naylor is a former Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Texas Department of MHMR, and has seventeen years’ experience as a national level consultant to multiple organizations including Behavioral Health Provider Networks, the Managed Care Industry, State Legislators and Advocacy groups, the Annie E Casey Foundation, the Center for Health Care Strategies, and other mental health and addiction organizations. She also has twenty-five years’ experience in program administration and consultation in the mental health and addiction fields, for inpatient and outpatient Mental Health and Addiction Services at the State and local level.




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