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Welcome to CEU By Net!  We Are a Provider of More Than 100 Hours of Online PDHs Which Are Pre-Approved By the International Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EACC-EAPA). 

We are pleased to offer high quality, remarkably inexpensive online PDHs to EAPA CEAPs, in an electronically interactive format which is NOT 'traditional home study'.  Certified and Licensed Counselors (including AMHCA members), Social Workers, LMFTs, and other mental health and addiction professionals in virtually every state take our courses for EACC-EAPA, NBCC, TAAP/TCBAP, NAADAC, IC&RC, and State Licensing Board Credit.  


save_here_on_EACC_EAP_coursesGo HERE for details about our very affordable Annual Subscription for only $54.95.  Take UNLIMITED PRE-APPROVED ONLINE COURSES for an entire year at no additional charge.


Approved_StatesAnd GO HERE to our interactive map, to view basic licensure approval information for YOUR state.  We are NBCC ACEP #6338. 

NOTE:  Most of our courses are now in their fourth year of PDH approval, and therefore have received new PDH (re)approval numbers.  IF YOU TOOK a course a while back that NOW shows a 'New Approval' date in the catalog, but you don't have a copy of your original certificate with the PDH number that was valid at the time you took the course, PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL at - and we will send you a certificate with the PDH number that corresponds to the date you passed the course.  Thanks!  CEU By Net 


SUD Treatment for Adolescents


 Aside from EACC, we have other course approvals and certifications in place for NBCC, multiple State Licensing Boards, the Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals (TCBAP - an IC&RC member board, and thus we are approved by IC&RC), and the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP).  We are TAAP CE Provider #1877-12, and we are therefore pre-approved by NAADAC.   

Please see the list of courses below which show the EACC Pre-Approved Domains I, II, and/or III and the number of PDHs.  All of the other information you need for EACC-EAPA is on the certificate (the PDH pre-approval numbers and the effective date).

In these courses you will find training manuals and professional journal articles on CBT, domestic violence, interventions with Iraq and Afghanistan War Zone Veterans and their families, anger management, cultural issues, depression, ethics, suicide prevention with LGBT youth, working successfully within a managed care environment, assessment and treatment of children, adults, and geriatrics in a mental health and AOD context, and more.

NOTE: Our automatically downloaded credit hour CERTIFICATES have now been redesigned to include the EACC course approval number and the number of PDHs approved, as well as the approval effective date of each course.

To locate the courses listed below, you may click the link to take you directly to the specific course in the catalog.  Alternatively, you may click COURSES on our tool bar above, and scroll down the drop-down list for areas that interest you.  We'll take you to the catalog for that subject area.  All courses on our site are approved by EACC for EAPA and CEAPs.


Domains I and III - 4.50 Clock Hours - ETHICS COURSE 4B - The NAMI Platform for Ethically Working with Persons with Severe Mental Illness and Co-Occurring SUDs Disorders in Multiple Settings including schools, prison, and death row.

Domain III  5 PDHs - COURSE 5N - 'Growing Up Girl - Girls Matter!' - Reapproval Date 08-19-2016

Domain III  3 PDHs - COURSE 3J - 'A Professional Guide to Supporting LGBTQI2-S Children and Adolescents'  - Reapproval Date 08-19-2016

Domain III  3.5 PDHs - COURSE 3H - Principles of Adolescent SUD Treatment:  A Researched-Based Practical Guide' - Current Approval Date 08-19-2016 

Domains II and III  3 PDHs - COURSE 3I - Bullying Prevention and Response: The Base Training Module' - Reapproval Date 08-19-2016

Domain III   5 PDHs - COURSE 5K - Finding Balance after the War Zone: Considerations in Treatment of Post-Deployment Stress Effects – A Guide for Clinicians, Part 1 - Reapproval date 08-19-2016  

Domain III   5 PDHs - COURSE 5L - Finding Balance after the War Zone: Considerations in Treatment of Post-Deployment Stress Effects – A Guide for Clinicians, Part 2 - Reapproval date 08-19-2016

Domain III  6.5 PDHs - COURSE 6A – Mental Health and Response to Mass Violence and Terrorism:  A Training Manual - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 

Domain III  5 PDHs -  COURSE 5J – Suicide Risk and Prevention for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth - Reapproval date 02-02-2016   

Domain III   5 PDHs -  AOD COURSE 5H – Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships – a Family and Couples Counseling Guide - Reapproval date 02-02-2016  

Domain III - 3 PDHs -  COURSE 3F – Reducing Maternal Depression and Its Impact on Young Children - Reapproval date 02-02-2016  

Domain I - 3 PDHs -  COURSE 3C – Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad – Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assessment - from Ethics to Practice and Into the Courtroom  - Reapproval date 02-02-2016    

Domain I, III  2 PDHs -  ETHICS 2D – Advance Directives:  Assisting with Plans for End of Life Care - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 

Domain III  4 PDHs -  COURSE 4J – Anger Management:  A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Manual - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 

Domain III - 2 PDHs - COURSE 2H - HIV and AOD Issues with Adolescents and Families - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 

Domain III  4 PDHs -  COURSE 4H – Psychotherapeutic Medications:  What Every Counselor Should Know - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 

Domain  II, III -  1.5 PDHs -  COURSE 1B – It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Chevy – Intro to Goals, Clinical Concerns, and Opportunities in Managed Care - Reapproval date 02-02-2016  

Domain  I -  2.75 PDHs - COURSE 2B – They’re Coming to Audit WHEN? - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 

Domain  I  - 2 PDHs -  COURSE 2C – We Have to Change WHAT? - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 

Domain  III  4 PDHs -  COURSE 4G – Assessment and Treatment of Cognitive & Behavioral Dysfunction in Aging - Reapproval date 02-02-2016  

Domain  III   2 PDHs -  COURSE 2E – Treatment and Management of Depression in Adults - Reapproval date 02-02-2016  

Domain  I - 4 PDHs - ETHICS 4D – The Ethics of Treatment Documentation and Other Ethical Dilemmas When Insurance Is Paying the Bill - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 

Domain  I - 3 PDHs -  ETHICS 3D – The Ethics of Treatment Documentation When Insurance Is Paying the Bill - Reapproval date 02-02-2016  

Domain  III   2 PDHs -  COURSE 2F –  Personality Disorders in Individuals with HIV/AIDS - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 

Domain I,  III   5 PDHs -  COURSE 3B – Addiction & Substance Abuse Treatment – The Big Transition - Reapproval date 02-02-2016  

Domain  III   1 PDH -  COURSE 1D – Substance Abuse:  Clinical Issues in Intensive Outpatient Treatment - Reapproval date 02-02-2016  

Domain  I, II - 2 PDHs  -  COURSE 1C – That Capitation Thing (Cost Containment) and YOU - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 

Domain  I, II   3 PDHs -  COURSE 3A – Managed Care:  Is There Anything Good About It? - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 


The two courses listed immediately above are a mix-and-match combination of three EACC Approved PDH modules (MC101, MC201, MC301).  Each module earns a separate certificate, and each has its own PDH Approval Number.  All have the same reapproval date (see below). Look for FlexiCourses 4A (a total of 6.25 PDHs) and FlexiCourse 5A (8 PDHs) by clicking the links above.  To read a quick overview of our approach to Health Care Reform and Managed Care, click this link to the Managed Care Course Catalog.  


Domain  I, II    3.5 PDHs - MC101 – Managed Care in Public Health Programs:  It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Chevy - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 

Domain  I, II   2.75 PDHs - MC201 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Managed Care Contracts – Including Clinical and Program Options for Professionals - Reapproval date 02-02-2016  

Domain  I -  1.75 PDHs  -  MC301 – Professional and Clinical Issues in Managed Care  - The Necessary Shifts in Program Design and Treatment Approach Under a Level of Care System  - Reapproval date 02-02-2016 


Approved_StatesCEU By Net provides Continuing Education CEU and PDH credit hours for many licenses in multiple states. We are an approved provider for EACC-EAPA, TCBAP (IC&RC approved), TAAP (NAADAC approved), NBCC, Florida, California, Texas, and Alabama, and are accepted by most other states.  To view YOUR STATE, click HERE

Licenses held by our customers include the following:  


Thanks for visiting CEU By Net!  


All content on this site is Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Pendragon Associates and/or CEU by Net

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