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The Ethics of Health Care Reform



Welcome to CEU By Net!  This Is the Ethics Catalog. We Offer Unusual Online Mental Health and Addiction Ethics Courses Like You've Never Seen Before.  Seriously.  Skip to the Bottom of This Page - Take a Look! Or Jump Over to Our Ethics Overview Page for a Fast Impression. 


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NEW! Ethics Course 4B - 4.25 Hours (3 hours for NBCC and BBS). This course presents NAMI'S new platform for ethically working with families and clients with Serious Mental Illnesses and Co-Occurring SUDs Disorders - in the community, in schools, in prison, and on death row.  Not all mental health and addiction diagnoses fall into the 'protected' category.  Learn which diagnoses do, and which do not.


Ethics and Assessment of MinorsCOURSE 3C - Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad:  Ethical Issues in the Biopsychosocial and Risk Assessment of Dual Diagnosis Children and Adolescents.  Learn how to prevent critical professional, legal, and ethical errors that can lead to a life-changing summons to the Boardroom or the Courtroom. It's important information, no matter how long you have been in this business.  Earns 3 Credit Hours for everyone! Qualifies as both an Ethics Course and an Assessment/Diagnosis Course.


ETHICS in MANAGED CARE! Can you document your clients' clinical issues as you must do in this new Health Care Reform environment, and still keep your professional ethics INTACT?  Yes, you can - and in Courses 4D and 3D, we tell you how!  These are very popular PDF slide show courses!


California LAWS AND ETHICS - 16 Hours to choose from, for California. 

And More! 

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ACEP #6338

APPROVALS!  These Ethics Courses are for Social Workers, Mental Health and Addiction Counselors, and MFTs - PRE-APPROVED by multiple state boards including Texas, Florida, California, and Alabama, and by NBCC, EACC, IC&RC, NAADAC, Florida Certification Board, and most states for most mental health and addiction licenses. Allied professionals who need health care ethics can also take these courses - case managers, intake workers, those working on obtaining enough credit hours to sit for a exam, etc..
Go directly to the bottom of this page, to see the list of our six online Ethics Courses.  Click on the little + signs to read details of each course. At the end of each course description, you can READ THE COURSE MATERIALS AND THE QUIZ(ZES) - FOR FREE.  

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Hint:  You need to enroll in the course first! 



EXAMPLE OF A POPULAR ETHICS COURSE - Course 3C - 3 clock hours of CE credit are available with our significantly revised 'Course 3C - Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad! Biopsychosocial and Risk Assessment of Children and Adolescents - from Ethics to Practice and Into the Courtroom'.  You can take this course either as an ETHICS course or as an ASSESSMENT and DOCUMENTATION course.  The protective information in this course can keep even experienced clinicians out of ethical, legal, and professional trouble - and out of the courtroom.

  • VIEW and READ the entire course document and the quiz for FREE before deciding if you want to enroll in the course. [You must be enrolled in the course to take the quiz.]  It's always been one of our most popular courses - and now it's even better!  Sign up for the course at the bottom of this page, or in the 'Quiz Only' catalog

  • NOTE!  If you are licensed in Florida, we offer this course in two different approval categories - Ethics and Boundaries AND as a General Credit course (assessment and diagnosis of minors), under separate CE Broker approval numbers.  If you want to take Course 3C for Ethics and Boundaries in Florida, enroll in the Course 3C with the 'Florida' label, here



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ATTENTION CALIFORNIA BBS LICENSEES:  As we have advised you on our California Interactive Map Page, CEU By Net is providing Continuing Education to BBS Licensees through our NBCC ACEP #6338.  This has implications for the number of credits you will earn per course, because of NBCC's new standard of 6,000 words per credit hour.  If you have not read these provisions on our website, please click the link above.    

Plus    Ethics Course 4B_Rights of Persons Living with Serious Mental Illness and Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders
Plus    Course 3C - Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad! Biopsychosocial and Risk Assessment of Children and Adolescents - from Ethics to Practice and Into the Courtroom
Plus    [Florida] Ethics 3C - Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad: From Ethics to Practice and Into the Courtroom
Plus    Ethics 4D - When Insurance and State Contracts Are Paying the Bill – The Ethics of Treatment Documentation and Other Ethical Dilemmas
Plus    Ethics 3D - The Ethics of Treatment Documentation When Insurance Is Paying The Bill
Plus    Course 2D - The Ethics of Advance Directives: Assisting with Plans for End of Life Care
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