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Ethical Issues and Clinical Errors within Behavioral Health Programs

Ethical Issues and Clinical Errors in Behavioral Health:
Identify, Address, and Prevent


CEU By Net offers contemporary Behavioral Health Ethics courses, in challenging topics that move beyond traditional ethics training.

Approved for Continuing Education credit by NBCC, NAADAC, EACC-EAPA, IC&RC, and Licensing Boards and Commissions nationwide. 

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Texas-Specific Ethics for LPCs  

Earn Unlimited CEUs for one full year - $49 


We are NBCC ACEP #6338Course credit is approved by NBCC, EACC, NAADAC, IC&RC, Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council, Texas HHSC, Florida CE Broker, California BBS, and most Behavioral Health licensing boards nationwide for Mental Health and Addiction counselors, Social Workers, and LMFTs.  

What Are These Courses About?
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Course 8T - The course presents an ethical, sensitive, and culturally appropriate approach to identifying, assessing, and assisting minors and young adults who are victims of Human Trafficking, including necessary coordination of Behavioral Health with Law Enforcement in the prosecution of trafficking perpetrators.

The course material includes a printable comprehensive assessment for use with trafficking victims. The course explains the Federal laws applying to the trafficking of minors vs. adults and clarifies common misunderstandings about what constitutes 'trafficking.' 

Learn approaches to the ethical assessment and therapeutic support of traumatized adolescent and young adult victims of sex trafficking, including coordination with law enforcement in the prosecution of trafficking perpetrators.

Course 6J - The neurological and biochemical basis for LGBTQ identity and sexual orientation; the ethical mandate to end Conversion Therapy with LGBTQ children and adolescents; ethical approaches to working with resistant families; and the multidisciplinary step-wise process of ethical affirmation of transgender youth. 

Course 3TMH - Implementation of a functional telehealth counseling program which protects the client's confidentiality, establishes contingency plans for safety, and maintains the same ethical standards of practice which apply to in-office delivery of care. 

Course 4S -  Understand the methods through which ethical constructs are taught and developed in the process of Clinical Supervision. 

Course 3C - The inherent legal, ethical, and professional risk associated with biopsychosocial assessment of children and adolescents - how to protect both the client and the professional.  Includes an editable assessment instrument for download.

Updated Course 2G - The Required Texas LPC Ethics Course.  Understand Scope of Practice, Prevailing Standards of Care, and the 2022 Rules for Practice for LPCs - just $10!

Course 2D - Ethical counseling support of End of Life Care decisions, utilizing research-based knowledge of patient and family preferences for multiple terminal conditions.


And MORE, including the Ethics of
Managed Healthcare!   




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