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Welcome to the CEU By Net 'CBT Courses Catalog'


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CBT Approaches to Verbal and Physical Domestic Violence

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These CBT CEU courses are appropriate for Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Alcohol and Drug Counselors who work with difficult emotional and behavioral conditions which respond to Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.

These courses teach CBT Intervention approaches to anger management and control of legally risky explosive behavior in Dual Diagnosis groups, domestic violence and conflict in intimate relationships, PTSD with battlefield and other traumas, and Complex Trauma in children and adolescents.

To read the detail about each of these courses and access the course materials and a copy of the quizzes for free, go to the course description in the catalog by clicking the + sign in front of the course title, below.




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Plus    Course 4J - Anger Management: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Manual
Plus    Course 3T - Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health
Plus    Course 3H - Principles of Adolescent SUD Assessment and Treatment - A Research-Based Practical Guide
Plus    Course 2J_Basic Guide to Traumatic Stress, Complex Trauma, and Resilience
Plus    AOD Course 5H - Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships: Identification and Intervention with Families and Couples
Plus    Course 5K - Part 1 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    Course 5L - Part 2 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
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