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Welcome to CEU By Net!  Our Technical Support Team Is Here To Help!  This Is the Troubleshooting Page!

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Having trouble logging in?  Forgot your password? Or your username?  Can't find your certificate?  Want to purchase Unlimited Courses and Credits for $49.00 - but not sure how to do it?  Need some help understanding a course - or how we determine the number of CE Credits which a course receives? Wondering why your certificate says 'Unlicensed' - or why it's not printing correctly?

Before you start looking for our TECH SUPPORT contact information, please scroll down this page, to see if your questions and answers are right here, on this page, or on the  FAQ page. (Most questions are addressed in these two helpful pages.) And if you don't find what you are looking for there, please Contact Us!  We are here seven days per week, until 10 P.M. Central Time - even on holidays.  

So click the blue links!    Here are a couple of examples:

Go Here for the Quick Guide to Enroll in Courses and Take Quizzes

You need a CURRENT VERSION of Adobe Reader to view, download,  and print our PDF courses, quizzes, and certificates.  Don't know how to get it? Click here!

Confused about how much CE credit you will earn for a course?  Like, "Is 4 CLOCK HOURS the same as 4 hours of CPE?"

And "Why are the NBCC Credit Hours not the same as other Credit Hours for the same course?" Click here to get the answer. 

To find more questions like this - and the answers - scan down the list of questions below, and click the blue links. 

If we haven't addressed your issue, please feel free to Contact Us!  Tech Support and Clinical Support are on the job seven days per week, until 10:00 PM Central Time. Even on holidays.  And we have a phone!  (214) 402-2001.     

Click to get the answers you need! 

How do you purchase a course?

How can you purchase an Annual Subscription?

How do I access my courses and quizzes after I have bought an Annual Subscription or paid for a course?  

I can't find the quizzes.  Where are they? 

I bought an Annual Subscription.  But when I try to sign up, you ask me to pay. Why? 

Can't find your certificate after passing the quiz(zes) for your course?

My license doesn't appear on my certificate.  Why not, and what to do? 

You forgot your USERNAME or your PASSWORD?   

A course won't open when you click the link? You likely need to disable your popup blockers!  Here's how. 

You click the link to a course in the catalog or in your account, and nothing happens?  The link just 'sits there'? 

Using a MAC and having problems opening courses or printing certificates or courses?

I still can't open, view or download my course documents or my certificate document, or something seems to be missing when I print the certificate.  

Can I stop in the middle of a quiz and come back and finish it later?  

My CE certificate says that I have earned 'XX Clock Hours of CE Credit'.  What does that mean?  We don't have 'Clock Hours' in my state.  We have 'CPE' hours.  Or CEUs.  Or PDHs.  Or CEHs.

I passed the quiz(zes) - but  I can't find my certificate!  

How do I print my certificate?  How do I save it?  And re-download it again?  

Using a Mac, and your certificate OR your course materials won't print correctly? 

I don't have a printer - how can I get my certificate? 

I want to save the course to my computer to review offline.  How do I do that?

I want to save the document to my computer as a PDF document.

Need to download the Adobe PDF Reader?

I Have a current PDF Reader - But I still can't open or save PDF course materials.

How to turn off your pop-up blockers?

Getting 'Warning' messages from your browser?

Cookies must be enabled to use this site. 

We Have Other questions and answers on our FAQ Page.  Click Here.

Still Need Help?  Contact Us!    




Confused about CE credit on this site? Like, what's a 'Clock Hour' of CE Credit?  What's a 'PDH'?  What's an 'NBCC Hour'?  And are these the same as in your state where you refer to CE credits as 'CEUs' or 'CPEs' (or 'CPDs' or 'Contact Hours', or 'Something Else')? 

And, 'Why are the NBCC Credit Hours now DIFFERENT than the hours we give for other licenses or certifications for the SAME COURSE?' 

And so in our COURSE CATALOG, we show you both the NBCC Credit Hours awarded for the course AND the number of Credit Hours awarded for the course, for any Licensure or Certification Board which has not adopted the NBCC criterion of 6000 words per credit hour

Your CE certificate will therefore show both the number of NBCC Credit Hours earned, and the non-NBCC Credit Hours earned. 

And as always, we ALSO specify in the catalog and on your certificate the number of Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and the Domain(s) which have been approved by EACC for the course for CEAPs, and on your certificate you will also see the PDH Approval Number. 

THEREFORE, please read the first paragraph of each course description in the catalog, to see the number of NBCC Hours awarded, vs. the number of non-NBCC Hours awarded.

SPECIAL NOTE for Florida Licensees other than CAP:  Please print your certificate for your own records.  However, you don't need to report your CE Credits to your Board or to CE Broker.  For Florida only, we upload your CE Credit for you, directly to CE Broker.  It's instantly uploaded, electronically, to CEB upon your completion of the course - provided that a correct license number is entered into your account, such as MH1234, or SW5678, or MT4321 (with no spaces).  Remember, you must complete the Feedback Form to receive credit for the course. CEB will cross-reference the license number you entered to ALL of your licenses (LMHC,

More Notes for Florida Social Workers, MFTs, and LMHCs:  We are a pre-approved (recognized) CE Provider for Florida Certification Board (FCB), which is recognized as an acceptable CE provider by the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy & Mental Health Counseling (i.e., the "Florida Board").  FCB does not require  6,000 words per credit hour.  Your Florida Board has advised us that it will accept our course credits under our FCB-recognized CE Provider status.

NOTE FOR FLORIDA NCCs:  We are also a statutory CE provider for mental health licensees based upon our NBCC ACEP #6338 status. This is important for NCC Credit Hours - which are different than the credit hours normally approved under our FCB recognized approval.





1. Go to our website's Home Page.  Log in with your USERNAME and your PASSWORD. Then click STUDENT HOME.  You will be taken directly to your MY HOME PAGE. 

2.  You then need to ENROLL in courses.  You cannot take courses from viewing the courses and quizzes in the catalog.  You must ENROLL in the course and take quizzes from INSIDE your account.  

To ENROLL, click the COURSES tab on our menu bar, and scroll down the drop-down list to find courses that interest you. Or, you can go to the Quiz Only Page to see all of the courses we offer, at the bottom of the page. Click the little + sign in front of course titles. 

3. When you find a course you want to take, click the SIGN UP NOW link.  Ignore the price tag if you have an Annual Subscription.  If you have a Subscription, you must be LOGGED IN when you click SIGN UP NOW, or the system will ask you to pay because it doesn't know who you are.  

4.  Then go back to your My Home Page.  There you will see a list of the courses in which you have ENROLLED.  Click on the NAME OF THE COURSE you want to work on or for which you want to take a quiz, or print or re-print a certificate. 

Click on the name of that course, and you will see a prominent blue link and a message that tells you to complete the FEEDBACK form.  Click the link, complete and submit the Feedback form.




After you purchase an Annual Subscription, you must be LOGGED IN to your account BEFORE YOU CLICK THE 'SIGN UP NOW' button in the catalog.  Otherwise, the system won't know who you are, and will ask you to pay.  You'll know that you are successfully logged in when you land on your 'My Home Page'.  Then go to the catalog and sign up for as many courses as you choose at no additional charge for the next 12 months.     




The problem here is one of these two things:  

1.  Your course has two or more quizzes, and you have not completed all of them yet.  Log back in, go to your My Home Page by clicking Student Home; then click on the title of the course for which you want your certificate. You will see the quizzes that still need to be taken.  


2. You have completed all of the quizzes for your course, but you have not yet completed and submitted the Feedback Form. Log back in, go to your My Home Page by clicking Student Home; then click on the title of the course for which you want your certificate.  You will see a blue link that says YOU ARE ALMOST DONE .... instructing you to complete the Feedback Form.  Click it.  Complete and submit the Feedback.  The download your certificate.





You must pass ALL of the quizzes in your course (whether one or more), and must complete and submit the Feedback Questionnaire, before you can get your certificate.  (The Feedback Questionnaire is required by NBCC and all States, for online CE courses.)  

When you have passed the quiz(zes) and submitted the questionnaire, you may download your certificate - instantly. 

How to do that?  The certificate download link for each of your courses is on the Study Guides and Quizzes web page for that course.  How to get there?

1. Sign in and you will be on your  'My Home Page' where all your courses are listed.

2. Pick a course for which you need the certificate, and click the blue link to the course.

3. You are now on the Study Guides and Quizzes page for that course.

4.  Below the name of the course, you will see a link entitled "Download your certificate".  Click that link ..... and then click again on the next page, in the last sentence on that page, which says "Click HERE to download your certificate".  The certificate will pop up on your screen. We recommend that you first SAVE it to your desktop or to a folder on your computer - and print it from that location.





ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE PRINTING - OR THE CERTIFICATE DOESN'T LOOK RIGHT? Maybe something is missing?  Click here to see the solution, and please note step 2 about SAVING your document to your computer and printing from the saved document.

And if you are using a MAC, and your certificate isn't printing correctly:  There is an easy fix for the 'MAC printing problem' here, on this page. Click to go there now.   

If you can't or don't want to download your certificate using the 'MAC fix', just EMAIL US and WE WILL BE HAPPY TO EMAIL your certificate(s) to you. MAC has no problems opening PDF documents that are sent by email. 





Please notice that we have a 'Forgot Password' link and also a 'Forgot Username' link in the login area on the left side of the page, below our logo. They are readily available to you - placed next to the username and password fields. Please try the 'Forgot Password' or 'Forgot Username' link.

And remember that we always email the reset link back to the email address that you have entered into your account profile.






 COOKIE NOTICE: Just like you must do if you renew your professional license online, or cruise the news websites like or . . . or visit the fun sites like eBay . . . 'COOKIES' must be ENABLED, and 'POP-UP BLOCKERS' must be DISABLED to use this site. Just like any website where you must register, we use 'COOKIES' to identify you when you register and when you return and sign in. Please feel free to consult our About Cookies page for info on "enabling cookies".   





     Our certificates and all of our study materials are in a PDF FORMAT - just like most of your state licensing documents and other government documents on the internet.  But if you can't read PDF documents, here's how to fix it: 

1.  First, you must TURN OFF OR DISABLE your POPUP BLOCKERS to open most PDF documents from links on the web. Not sure how to do that?  Click HERE. 

2.  Second, SAVE the document to your computer before trying to print it.  Why? Some browsers and settings won't allow you to print a PDF document directly from a website - especially if the PDF document is electronically generated like your certificates are generated.  

3. Third, if you are still having trouble - INSTALL OR UPDATE ADOBE READER:

Almost all modern computers ALREADY HAVE a program to read and print PDF documents correctly. But IF your popup blockers are turned OFF, and you are still having trouble opening courses or viewing and printing certificates, the problem may be that you don't have a current (up to date) version of Adobe Reader.  Or you may not have Adobe Reader installed at all.  

To fix these Adobe Reader problems, please choose which applies to you, here:

If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer, go here to download Adobe Reader. If you are using Chrome, please select from the 3 drop down windows, the following: 1. Your operating system (e.g., Windows 8 or Windows 10), 2. Your language, and 3. Reader 11.0.10. DO NOT select the 'DC' version of Adobe Reader if you are using Chrome.
If you don't have Adobe Reader on your mobile device, go to the appropriate App Store to download Adobe Reader for your device.
If you already have Adobe Reader on your PC but need the most current version (highly recommended), go here to download the Adobe Reader Upgrade.  You MUST have Adobe Reader or another PDF reader to read and download course documents and your certificate.



4.  OR if you are using a MAC or another Operating System, and are having trouble opening or printing course materials or quizzes, click HERE to download the most current Adobe Reader for MAC, for free.

 And if you can't or don't want to download your certificate from our site, just EMAIL US and WE WILL BE HAPPY TO EMAIL your certificate(s) to you, the same day.    




You are probably attempting to use MAC's Preview application to open and view your certificate or your course. This does not work for some MAC users, depending upon their settings. Your certificate and course files will open and format and print correctly if you use Adobe Reader for MAC, instead of MAC's Preview application.

Of course, be sure that you are using the most recent version of Adobe Reader for MAC.  It's FREE and takes only seconds to do, at this Adobe web page: 

Then after download and installation of Adobe for MAC,

1.  log back into your CEU By Net account, and

2.  locate the certificate or the course file, and then

3. SAVE IT TO YOUR COMPUTER, directly from your web browser. [NOTE:  use SAFARI, not Firefox as it may have problems with MAC] .....

. . . and then OPEN it with Adobe Reader for MAC, from the location on your computer where you saved it.   




You say you now have a current PDF program on your computer, AND you have turned off your pop-up blockers, but you STILL can't open or print your document correctly? 

This is likely the problem:  Your browser or its settings may not allow you to open a PDF document directly from your browser's address bar. You'll have to SAVE IT first.

In fact, we think it's always best to SAVE the document to a location on your computer FIRST and THEN open it with Adobe Reader or another PDF program from the location where you saved it.  For instructions on how to do that, read on below.  


HOW DO YOU SAVE Your Certificate or a PDF Course Document to Your Computer? 

Ordinarily, it's very simple to DOWNLOAD and SAVE a PDF document or WEB PAGE PUBLICATION to your computer:   

  1. When you see the URL address in your browser window, click FILE on your browser tool bar,

  2. then click SAVE AS, or SAVE TARGET TO

  3. and give the document a NAME AND LOCATION on your computer (or another place such as a 'flash drive' or 'memory stick'). You can then go to the newly saved file in the usual way, using Windows Explorer or another file location tree, and just open it from there.


Can't open the document but you can see the URL in the browser bar? 

First be certain that your pop-up blockers are turned off everywhere on your computer, and that you do in fact have a current version of Adobe PDF Reader.  

Then if your computer system still won't let you open a PDF document, try SAVING THE DOCUMENT FROM THE URL:   

  1. Highlight the document's URL address in your browser; then click FILE, and then click SAVE AS or SAVE A COPY  or SAVE TARGET TO or COPY. 

  2. You can then save it to any location on your hard drive  (e.g., on My Documents), and then open it from there .... or you can paste it to your desktop as a "shortcut", and open it from there.  

    What you are doing here is downloading it first, and then opening it ..... rather than opening it directly from the browser address bar.  


If you have trouble viewing any portion of this Web site, it may be because your operating system or your PDF software is not up to date.     


Disabling Pop-Up Blockers    

Go here to see how to disable popup blockers. 




About browser warning messagesRECEIVE A BROWSER OR OTHER WARNING BOX?

DID YOU GET A MESSAGE ASKING IF YOU TRUST OUR WEBSITE?  Please say YES. You may need to enter the name of our website, which is     


All content on this site is Copyright (c) 2006-2021 by Pendragon Associates and/or CEU by Net

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"Thank you for your patience. I am not a computer whiz. I can even access the classes here at work with a schlup computer." -J.V., Portland, OR

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