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CEU By Net's sponsored HHSC-Approved Sex Trafficking Training Course
Welcome to CEU By Net's sponsored CE training courses, with tools for counselors to assist in your work with LGBTQ children and adolescents, their families, their schools, and your community partners. 

These course materials include practical, downloadable  tools, including trafficking  assessments, forms, flyers, checklists, fact sheets, worksheets, formats for program planning, staff training, and more that you can print, modify, and use in your work in the clinic, with local schools, and in the backstreets of your community with sex trafficked adolescents.

Is this information relevant to the work of both addiction and mental health counselors?  Yes.  LGBTQ children and adolescents are now more visible, and they are at higher risk of becoming victims of family rejection, sex trafficking, bullying, homelessness, SUD, and suicide than in the past. With these increased challenges, new tools are appropriate to consider.

Transsexual youth are at particular risk of emotional harm emanating from publicized condemnation of the affirmation process by some American political factions, some States, and social media.

How to support parents and youth under such scrutiny? How to explain the biomedical basis for affirmative care to resistant or frightened parents? You will find helpful strategies here, to use in working with LGBTQ youth, their parents, their school, and as a member of an affirmation team.  


Unlimited CE Training - $49 per year 


2.  Understand the steps and the sequence which is necessary to implement the components of a comprehensive school-based suicide prevention and postvention program, including specific tools to implement these steps -- guidelines, forms, checklists, worksheets, documentation formats and procedures, and fact sheets for program planning, training of staff, and education of parents.


What kind of 'counselor tools' will you find here in CEU By Net's courses? Read on BELOW, as described in four of our courses.


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Counselor Tools in These Courses 

Our sponsored Course 6J 'The Ethics of Ending Conversion Therapy with LGBTQ Youth' is a research-based approach to biomedical affirmation of transsexual youth whom you may serve in your program or practice, in coordination with other members of a professional-medical team. The course material also describes the essential psychosocial support of gay, bisexual, and questioning youth of all ages, with the treatment goal being a healthy transition to adulthood.

This course offers guidance and tools for counselors to use, to help LGBTQ youth and parents to understand the physiological and biomedical factors involved in LGBTQ identity. 

The course also presents forthright approaches to help confused or resistant parents learn how to develop a positive relationship with their child despite misgivings. 

This is a sea-change publication which has served as the impetus for all national medical, mental health, and addiction treatment organizations to join in the mandate to end Conversion Therapy.  

NOTE: CE credit in this Course 6J is prohibited in Florida for behavioral health licensees, based on new State laws which prohibit health care providers from supporting youth in transsexual decisions.


In our sponsored course 'Human Trafficking of Adolescents in America,' you can download, print, and use the empirically developed Sex Trafficking Assessment tool in working with homeless and runaway adolescents who are looking for a 'safe way out' of the captivity imposed by their trafficking perpetrators. This information gathered in this Sex Trafficking Assessment is essential to the successful prosecution of the trafficking perpetrator in Federal Court by the US Department of Justice. 


In our sponsored course 'Preventing Suicide, a Tool Kit for High Schools' you can download, print, and use helpful in-school training guidelines, forms, checklists, worksheets, fact sheets, and documentation formats for program planning and training of school personnel, and for education of parents about the suicide risk of their children and the vulnerability of LGBTQ adolescents to suicide. 


In 'Course 3I - Bullying Prevention and Response - A Training Guide for Use Within Schools and the Community,' you will find helpful tools and training materials you can use with schools and in the community for recognizing and intervening in abuse and bullying of children and adolescents.

These tools are intended for use community-wide with parents, school employees, homeless shelters, and local community businesses including local after-school gathering places. 


CEU By Net is a CE Provider for NBCC, EACC-EAPA, California BBS, California CCAPP, CCADE, and CADTP,  TCBAP-TAAP, Texas Behavioral Health Executive Counsel, NAADAC, IC&RC, and most State Boards based upon these approvals.   


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