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Welcome to CEU By Net!  This Is the 'Documentation' Catalog.

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NEW!  Two new courses address DOCUMENTATION ISSUES

 4S - Models of Supervision 

3TMH - Telemental Health in Treatment of PTSD 

Also, Course 3C at the bottom of the page qualifies as BOTH an assessment/diagnosis/documentation course AND an Ethics course!   




Course 2B:  'They're coming to audit WHEN?' 

'We have to say WHAT in our clients' charts?'

Courses 3D, 4D, 2B, 2C, and 3B in this Documentation Catalog present a clear 1-2-3 picture of what has changed under Health Care Reform, in the way that we document diagnosis, prognosis, treatment decisions, and the client's response to treatment - particularly for Mental Health and Addiction clients who are NOT "private pay".  And are there ETHICAL implications to these changes?  Oh yes - there certainly are.

The primary factors which have prompted these clinical changes include the growing influence of Managed Care and similar insurance coverage in almost every state.  The coming of Health Care Reform has put the issue of Managed Care on the front burner again - in some states for the first time.

"Managed" systems of care demand impeccable documentation and rationale for what we do and why we do it - and these courses explain how we can meet that expectation without risking our ethics or our revenue or our 'sanity.'




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Plus    Course 8T - Human Trafficking of Adolescents in America
Plus    Course 4S - Developmental Model of Clinical Supervision in Behavioral Health
Plus    Course 3TMH - Ethics and Practice of Telemental Health Treatment of PTSD
Plus    Course 5P_A - Part I - Preventing Suicide Tool Kit for High Schools
Plus    Course 3C - Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad! Assessment and Diagnosis of Children and Adolescents - From Ethics to Practice and Into the Courtroom
Plus    Ethics 3D - The Ethics of Treatment Documentation When Insurance Is Paying The Bill
Plus    Course 7R - Essentials of Risk Management
Plus    Ethics 4D - Ethics of Treatment Documentation and Other Ethical Dilemmas When Insurance and State Contracts Are Paying the Bill
Plus    Course 2B - They're Coming to Audit WHEN? a.k.a. 'What Can Go WRONG In That Chart?'
Plus    Course 2C - We Have to Change WHAT?
Plus    Course 3B - The Big Transition in the AOD Field: Managed Care, the ACA, Justifying Need for Treatment - Oh How It's Changed!
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