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State Approvals For California

Attention California LCSW, LPCC, LMFT, and LEP:    In conformance with the new BBS regulations pertaining to expiration of current BBS CE Provider numbers, CEU By Net's CE Provider number (#4123) expired September 30, 2015. 

After September 30, 2015, CEU By Net is approved to provide CE services to BBS licensees through our NBCC ACEP Certification #6338.  NBCC is a 'BBS Board-Recognized Approval Agency' for the provision of CE to California BBS Licensees. You are therefore secure in purchasing an Annual Subscription from CEU By Net!

PLEASE NOTE:  NBCC has informed CE Providers (ACEPs) that effective May 1, 2015, the requirement for earning one (1) hour of NBCC Credit changed:  Effective May 1, 2015, 6,000 words of text is required to earn one (1) hour of NBCC CE Credit, instead of the 4,000 words of text which have been historically required by NBCC. 

This NBCC policy will NOT affect California AOD Counselors OR other California licensees whose board does not utilize NBCC's criteria for awarding of Credit Hours. 

And the new NBCC policy concerning 'how to determine CE Hours' did not affect the number of Credit Hours (CEUs or Contact Hours) which were earned by BBS Licensees through CEU By Net UNTIL October 1, 2015, when our BBS license expired.




Until October 1, 2015, CEU By Net was CERTIFIED BY CALIFORNIA BBS as CE Provider #4123 - for LCSW, LPCC, LMFT, and LEP. 

Effective October 1, 2015, BBS ACCEPTS OUR COURSE CREDITS FOR ALL OF THESE LICENSES BECAUSE WE ARE AN NBCC ACEP #6338.  We are approved to provide NBCC Credit Hours for ALL of the courses posted on our site. 

AOD:  We are also approved per California state statute to provide CE for California AOD Counselors. [See our status as a provider of continuing education for AOD Counselors, below.]  






What special courses do we offer that may be of interest to AOD Counselors and CA BBS licensees?  We now offer 

- NAADAC because we are a licensed CE provider for Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (a pre-approved NAADAC CE Provider).  

- IC&RC because we are a licensed CE provider for Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals (an IC&RC Member Board).  All branches of the US Military and the Federal DOT accept these courses based upon our IC&RC pre-approval.





FOR ALCOHOL AND DRUG COUNSELORS .....  NOTE THIS WARNING:  We have been told by some AOD counselors that some professional associations for Addiction Professionals in California do not consider CE Providers who have not obtained a CE Provider NUMBER from the given association to be an acceptable source of Continuing Education credit.  This conflicts with the current California Statute for acceptable sources of CE, which we have reiterated below. CEU By Net does qualify according to the Statute.

However, we would encourage the Addiction Professional to check with his or her given professional association for 'who is' and 'who is not' approved to provide CE.  You might wish to tell your association that CEU By Net is pre-approved to provide Continuing Education by IC&RC and by NAADAC.  We do not know if IC&RC and NAADAC CE Providers (such as CEU By Net) are acceptable to your given organization.  

Specifically, CEU By Net offers courses which include but are not limited to the following:  

HIV-AIDS patients with personality disorders; children, adolescents, and adults with dual diagnosis;

adolescents and families with HIV/AIDS;

couples with under-the-radar problem drinking issues which result in domestic violence, chronic anger, employment issues, marital discord, emotional damage to children, divorce, etc.;  

anger management treatment for groups in which individuals have SUDs and mental health issues;

working with LGBTQ children, adolescents, and their families;

Intensive AOD Outpatient treatment;

working with persons with AIDS in need of Advance Directives counseling;

working with aging individuals with serious behavioral and cognitive disorders;

working with WAR ZONE VETERANS with PTSD, TBI, and AOD issues;

culturally diverse populations, etc..

(e) All certifying organizations (listed in Section 13035) shall accept as continuing education credits hours of training in the areas specified in (c) and  (d) provided by any State, county, city, or other governmental agency or by any agency which provides services through a contractual arrangement with a State and/or county agency.

The AOD certifying organizations for California are listed here, and include the California Certification Board of Chemical Dependency Counselors.

CEU By Net's State Addiction Board Certifications in Texas (TCBAP-TAAP) and Florida (FCB) and our national approvals by NAADAC and IC&RC would appear to provide the basis for approval to provide CE per Section 13055, Subsection (e), although we cannot speak for your individual Professional Addiction Association: 

NOTE:  If you have any concern about your board's acceptance of our CE credits, please contact your board, to share CEU By Net's CE Credentials 


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