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Finding Balance After the War Zone - Published by SAMHSA and ATTC

CEU By Net offers online CE courses and CEUs in treatment of domestic violence, anger management, family therapy, and response to crisis, trauma, and grief.  Renew your mental health or addiction license or certification with Unlimited CEUs for only $49 per year.


Learn innovative CBT approaches for use in anger management groups, family therapy, treatment of war zone veterans with SUD and PTSD, and with children and adolescents with acute and complex traumatic stress reactions. 

Acute Traumatic Stress is approached differently than Complex Trauma in children and adolescents.  Learn the difference.  

Our CE courses include treatment methods for use with domestic violence and uncontrolled anger within the family, on the job, in the community, and with veterans after return from deployment. Contributing factors may be PTSD, joblessness, grief, financial stress, substance abuse, and family dysfunction.

Learn techniques for treatment of domestic violence, grief, and trauma in unique situations such as War Zone veterans with PTSD, couples and families with unacknowledged problem drinking, traumatic grief in children and adolescents, runaway and homeless victims of human trafficking, families coping with HIV-AIDS, and groups for those with anger management issues on the job or in the legal system.    


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Florida Domestic Violence


Course Summaries


Our courses are approved for credit hours and CEUs for counselors, LCSWs, and LMFTs by Florida CE Broker, California BBS, NBCC, EACC for CEAPs, NAADAC, IC&RC, Florida Certification Board, Texas Mental Health Boards, TCBAP-TAAP-TCB,  and most State Mental Health and addiction Licensing Boards.  Check our State Information for your state here.




Some Course Summaries


CBT THERAPY AND ALCOHOL:   Two of the courses in this category (Courses 5H and 4J) are designed as professional training manuals for assessment and CBT-oriented treatment of families, couples, and groups.  Treatment issues include misuse of alcohol and other substances, poor anger management, domestic violence, interpersonal conflict, and faulty communication.  Course 4J is unique, addressing Anger Management in a GROUP THERAPY format.


FAMILIES AND HIV:  Course 2H focuses upon the unique treatment issues involved in working with an adolescent with HIV and his family, and/or a parent or caretaker who is afflicted with HIV or AIDS with children in the household.  Domestic violence and abuse within the family are addressed with different approaches if the adolescent is the perpetrator vs. the adolescent as the victim of abuse.  


COMPLEX TRAUMA AND TRAUMATIC STRESS IN YOUTH.  Course 2J focuses upon treatment of the family unit which has experienced trauma, and also addresses Complex Trauma in children and adolescents.  Learn how to assist young clients in the development of resiliency and emotional survival of the trauma.  


WAR ZONE VETERANS AND FAMILY:    Two of the courses (5K and 5L) are training manuals for CBT-oriented treatment of Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan War Zones, who face unique challenges in the management of 'fight or flight' impulses upon return to home and family. 


FLORIDA:  Courses 5H, 4J, 5K and 5L are approved for Domestic Violence in Florida, or take them for General Credit.  


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