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State Approvals For New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice specifies that the courses of NBCC-approved/sponsored providers are acceptable for CE Credit. You - the licensee - do NOT have to be a member of NBCC to take our CE courses for New Hampshire licensure renewal.

20 of the 40 required CE hours may be earned through home study courses.  However, NONE of our licensing or certification entities (such as NBCC, EACC, or State Boards) consider us to be "Traditional Home Study" or "Independent Study" or a "Correspondence Course".  Rather, we are an INTERACTIVE ONLINE LEARNING program.  Please GO HERE to understand the difference between Interactive Online Learning and traditional home study.  Your state may be defining "Home Study" as independent Study or as a Correspondence Course, and if so, it's 20-hour limitations may not apply to CEU By Net's courses.    

6 of the 40 credits must be earned in Ethics - and we offer 3 Ethics courses on our site.  Most customers who need six credits take Ethics 4D (4 credit hours) and Ethics 2D (2 credit hours).  Ethics 3D earns 3 credit hours - and the course is the same as Ethics 4D except it earns one less credit hour.


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