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The Managed Care Catalog


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Managed Care Is The Big ShiftNOTE:  All of our courses in the Managed Care catalog have recently been upgraded and expanded and converted to a PDF slide show format instead of Adobe Flash.  You can now view ALL of the courses on our site for FREE, including the quizzes, before you even decide to register on the site or to enroll in courses.  Also, most of the managed care courses will soon offer more credits than they have in the past, because of the course expansion.  Please read the course description in the catalog, which addresses this increase.   

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Do you wonder if you can work in a Behavioral Health system that's driven by 'Managed Care', and hold on to your professional ethics?  Are you struggling with insurance carriers on a daily basis, regarding the Medical Necessity of treatment for your clients?  Are you uncertain how to protect yourself and your program from adverse audit findings and negative chart reviews?  You can find some answers here!Managed_care_answers_here 


Our Managed Care CEU courses present clear explanations and practical approaches to the oftentimes confusing scenarios brought about by Managed Health Care - newly relevant with the coming of the Federal Health Care Reform initiative.  

How to fit in - programmatically and clinically?  Does it apply only to those working in publicly operated Medicaid programs such as Community MHMR Centers and AOD Block Grant Programs?  Are there options in the types of programs we operate?  Can we continue to work in the same way that we always have?  Get the answers, here.   


WHY IS THIS SUCH AN IMPORTANT ISSUE, FOR MENTAL HEALTH AND AOD TREATMENT PROVIDERS?     With the implementation of Health Care Reform at the federal and state levels, virtually all insurance carriers and their provider networks will be affected.  CEU By Net's Managed Care Courses cover the gamut of issues which should concern behavioral health treatment providers, in this new day of expanding 'Care Management'.  



With Health Care Reform Upon Us, Do You Still Think Managed Care Doesn't Apply to You?  The programs affected include outpatient treatment programs and private practice, hospitals, nursing facilities, Community MHMR Centers, residential and day treatment centers, Block Grant Substance Abuse treatment programs, recovery and rehabilitation centers, etc. - any program which utilizes 'Care Management' as a core feature of cost control.  Health Plan Contractors administering these programs include private insurance carriers as well as those who administer Medicaid, Medicare, and state or local mental health and chemical dependency contracts.

Therefore, these courses are relevant for all behavioral health providers who are (or will be) providing treatment under a Care Management system --whether in private practice or working for a private or publicly funded program.   

Select from Managed Care courses which address those issues not often discussed in an open forum:  The ethics of documentation in client charts when insurance is paying the bill.  Understanding how Care Managers 'think' so that you can effectively structure your requests for treatment, your treatment plans, and your progress notations in a manner which will justify approval for treatment.  Learning how to audit your own charts, to ensure that you will pass the most rigorous of clinical chart reviews by insurance companies and HMOs-BHOs.   The issue of 'provider risk' with certain types of Provider Agreements, and an understanding of the types of non-traditional programs which can be included in Provider Agreements, as well as things to avoid.

 To see DETAILS of courses, or to enroll in any of the courses in this particular catalog (the Managed Care Catalog), go to the BOTTOM of this page and click the + sign next to any course title that interests you.  Remember, you don't have to pay the 'individual purchase' price; you can purchase an Annual Subscription for $59.95 and take unlimited courses for FREE for one entire year.  With an Annual Subscription, you can ignore the 'price tags' on the courses;  take as many courses as you like, at no additional charge.  


REGARDING OUR MANAGED CARE FLEXI-COURSES ....  FlexiCourses  4A and 5A: These two Managed Care courses are organized into convenient modules or chapters which allow you to collect a certificate for each separate module - collect all now, or save some for later when you need them!   

  • FlexiCourse 4A 

  • FlexiCourse 5A    

MC101 Managed Care in Public Health Programs:  It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Chevy   

MC201  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Managed Care Contracts – Including Clinical and Program Options for Professionals

 MC301  Professional and Clinical Issues in Managed Care  - The Necessary Shifts in Program Design and Treatment Approach Under a Level of Care System 

Each module earns a separate certificate, and each has its own PDH Approval Number.  



The CORRECT NUMBER of Credit Hours for each course  - for all certifying entities - appears in the first paragraph of the COURSE DESCRIPTION IN THE CATALOG WHERE YOU ENROLL IN THE COURSE. 

NOTE: If you click on a link to VIEW COURSE MATERIALS in the catalog or here in your account, and the link DOES NOT OPEN .... FIRST make sure that your 'Pop-Up Blocker’ is turned off. How to do it? Click here.


Plus    FREE Course 1B - It's Not Your Grandpa's Chevy - Intro to Goals, Clinical Concerns, and Opportunities In Behavioral Health Managed Care
Plus    Ethics 4D - When Insurance and State Contracts Are Paying the Bill – The Ethics of Treatment Documentation and Other Ethical Dilemmas
Plus    Managed Care Course 5A - Welcome to Care Management! Do They REALLY Need Treatment?
Plus    Ethics 3D - The Ethics of Treatment Documentation When Insurance Is Paying The Bill
Plus    Course 2B - They're Coming to Audit WHEN? a.k.a. 'What Can Go WRONG In That Chart?'
Plus    Course 2C - We Have to Change WHAT?
Plus    Course 3B - The Big Transition in the AOD Field: Managed Care, the ACA, Justifying Need for Treatment - Oh How It's Changed!
Plus    Managed Care Course 4A - This Is Managed Behavioral Health Care - and It's Not Your Grandpa's Chevy!
Plus    Course 3A - Managed Care - Is There Anything GOOD About It?
Plus    Course 5B - Managed Care Contract? Survive It, Professionally!
Plus    Course 1C - Cost Containment (Capitation) and You!
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