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State Approvals For District of Columbia

SOCIAL WORKERS:    The District of Columbia Board of Social Work accepts our Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners CE Provider Certification, our California BBS CE Certification for Social Workers, our Florida CE Certification for Social Workers, and our Alabama State Board CE Certification for Social Workers.  All of our State Board CE Provider numbers appear on the CE Certificates.

Response to our email to the District of Columbia Department of Health, Health Professional Licensing Administration, D.C. Board of Social Work provided this information:

"Social Work: If the course is approved by NASW, ASWB or any other state Social Work Board it is approved for District Social Workers.  Again, if NASW, ASWB or any other state Social Work Board has approved your course no additional approval is need for DC."



COUNSELORS (LPCs):  Licenses expire on Dec. 31 of even years.

6611.2 The Board may approve the following types of continuing education programs, if the program meets the requirements of §6611.4

       (e) Formally organized learning activities including distance learning and home study.

6611.3  Formally organized learning activities including distance learning and home study shall be counted at their full hour value. Hours shall be obtained from one or a combination of the following board-approved mental health-related activities:

(d) Workshops, seminars conferences, or courses in the behavioral health field offered by an individual or organization that has been certified or approved by one of the following:

                     (10) The National Board for Certified Counselors

6611.4 To qualify for approval by the Board, a continuing education program shall

(a) Be current in its subject matter
(b) Be developed and taught by qualified individuals; and
(c) Meet one of the following requirements

(1) Be administered or approved by a recognized professional counseling organization, accredited health care facility, or an accredited college or university; 

NOTE TO COUNSELORS: We have not found any restrictions for LPCs which limit the number of credit hours which may be obtained through Distance Learning, but if you have any questions about this issue, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LPC BOARD TO ASK IF THERE ARE SUCH LIMITATIONS.  



Certified Addiction Counselors:

NOTE TO ADDICTION COUNSELORS:  We don't find information about who can provide CE.  However, all of our courses are approved for NAADAC and IC&RC, and by the Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals and the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals. 



Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT):

NOTE We cannot find, on the LMFT DC website, any information about who can provide CE for LMFTs.  However, we are approved to provide CE for the Texas State Board of Examiners of MFTs, and by the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy & Mental Health Counseling, and by California BBS, and by NBCC. 


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