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State Approvals For Ohio


Only 'in-state' CE programs need to be PRE-APPROVED in Ohio.  OUT OF STATE courses (including internet based courses) can be submitted for POST-APPROVAL, USING THE FORMS WHICH YOU CAN ACCESS FROM THE LINKS BELOW. 

Our distance learning courses meet all requirements for out-of-state internet-based POST-APPROVAL for counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social workers. The courses we sponsor meet the criteria for acceptable continuing education cited in paragraph (B)(2)(a) of which requires the following:

(B)(2) Approved programs may be sponsored by departments of accredited educational institutions; national, regional, state, or local professional organizations or associations; public or private human service agencies or organizations; private consultants; or individuals. In order to obtain approved status from the board, a program shall meet the following requirements:

(a) The program shall be presented by competent individuals as documented by appropriate academic training and professionally recognized experience. Presenters should have an identifiable involvement with human services. In approving a particular presenter the board shall be guided by the following range of presenter qualifications:   [NOTE:  All of the listed criteria below this subpart are met by CEU By Net's courses].

PERTAINING TO POST-APPROVAL:  The Ohio State Board Rules related to Post-Approval of Out-Of-State Internet Programs say:

NOTE: The same regulation also says:  "This form may also be used to request approval for presentation and distance learning options."  (That's what we are - a 'distance learning program'.)  

THEREFORE, to get credit, you must submit a short, simple Post-Approval Form to your board, for your particular license (see the links below), with your certificate AND a copy (printout) of the course description from our catalog attached to the form.  

The State-mandated forms for different license categories can be accessed at the links below.

You must complete the appropriate form for your license, and submit it with your attachments (your certificate and a copy of course description)  to your Ohio Board within 90 days of completion of the course. 

--  For the 'Program Objective' section in these forms, you can enter 'SEE ATTACHED' - and attach a copy of your CE Certificate AND a copy of the course description from the catalog - both of which contain the goals of the course.  [Using your computer, you can do a copy-and-paste of the COURSE DESCRIPTION FROM THE CATALOG; copy and paste the text onto a blank Word or similar blank document.]   

--  Your CE Certificate and the course description both contain the PRESENTER AND AUTHOR information you need to complete these forms below.  And so you can enter 'SEE ATTACHED' in the section that asks for that information.  

--  CEU By Net is the SPONSOR of the courses, and our website address is  

The State has designed these forms so that they may be completed using your computer and then saved, printed, and mailed with any attachments. If you want to complete the forms using your computer,  click the green bar at the top of the form, at the text that says 'Highlight Existing Fields', and it will show you where to type, with blue shading in the form fields.  OR, you can also print the blank forms and complete them manually if you wish.

HOWEVER, either way, we suggest that you FIRST SAVE THESE FORMS TO YOUR COMPUTER.  THEN choose how you want to complete them - either print them and fill them out by hand, or complete them on your computer and then print them.  Mail with your certificate and the course description attached.

If you want to make a PDF document from the catalog's course description, just let us know and we will help you. It takes seconds to do.  However, you may want to do a simple "copy-and-paste" of the text from the website to a blank Word or other such document format.  That, too, takes seconds to do.



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