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State Approvals For Minnesota

CEU By Net meets all criteria for 'an acceptable source of continuing education'  as published online by Minnesota State Boards for Social Workers, LPCs, MFTs, and Psychologists. Please see specifics at 'Details by License', below.  

If you need to present a COURSE DESCRIPTION to your board for verification of content, we suggest that you copy the COMPLETE course description from our course catalog, and attach it to your CE approval form. If you would like for us to make a good copy of the course description for you, just ask! We will send it to you in a pdf document.  Or, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page for how to copy a course description from our catalog, seen at ***.


ARE WE TRADITIONAL HOME STUDY OR INDEPENDENT STUDY?  NO.  Unlike traditional Home Study or Independent Study CE Providers, CEU By Net DOES_NOT mail course materials or quiz materials, OR receive such transmitted materials by mail or by any other route. All CEU activity is performed online in an INTERACTIVE manner, with all actions recorded in 'real time' within the data base. Quizzes are taken and scored and recorded in real time, interactively - including a record of how many attempts were required to pass a quiz.  When the quiz has been passed, the participant is immediately provided feedback about the responses which he or she gave which were incorrect, as well as the correct answers to the questions that were missed (which is very important in multiple choice questions).  The records of all course enrollment and quiz activity of each program participant are recorded to the second and are maintained indefinitely within our internal data system for audit purposes. 




1. LPC: Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy is an affiliate of NBCC, and automatically accepts CEU By Net's courses because we are NBCC CE Provider #6338. 



2. SOCIAL WORKERS:  We are pleased to see clarification of the State Board's Rules for approval of continuing education providers, which automatically approves CEU By Net as a provider of CE for Minnesota Social Workers.  The basis of the automatic approval is our licensed/certified status as a CE Program Provider for multiple ASWB Affiliate State Social Work Licensing Boards (Texas, Alabama, and Florida). We have duplicated the rules information below, and we have highlighted the relevant section, at Section 2(d) below.



Part 1902 Chapter 4: Continuing Education and Licensure Renewal; Reinstatement



A. Philosophy Continuing education means instruction and learning which fosters the enhancement of general or specialized social work practice, values, knowledge, and skills.  

B. Definitions  

1. CONTINUING EDUCATION: The continuing education offerings for each discipline (social workers and marriage and family therapists) are approved independently. Licensees should NOT assume that an approved offering for one discipline is also approved for the other discipline. The MBOE website maintains separate lists of approved continuing education offerings for social workers and marriage and family therapists. The Board shall credit continuing education for social workers as follows. Parts of programs which meet the criteria set forth in these rules and regulations (relating to Types of Continuing Education and Criteria for Approval of Continuing Education Activities) shall be credited on a one-for-one basis with one clock-hour credit for each one clock-hour spent in the continuing education activity. . . . . 

 2. DESIGNATED PROVIDERS (DPs): are organizations or institutions determined by the MS Board of Examiners SW Continuing Education Committee (SWCEC) to meet the standards for continuing education. These organizations hold standing by application, review and approval for a two (2) year period of time, during which they must consistently comply with all requirements. Complaints and random audits by MBOE members or their designees may result in removal from the status at any time and may prohibit renewal. Organizations who are approved for this status shall have their DP number and dates of approval on all documentation, and will be listed with this information for public review and continuing education resources on the MBOE website (www. and any publications therein. Only those organizations that have previously held three successful programs approved for social worker continuing education by the Board, SWCEC, or its designee may apply for DP status. Applications for DP status may be obtained from the Board’s office or through the Board’s website at  The following organizations are automatically approved for social worker continuing education by the MBOE and do not need to complete DP application process for program approval:  

a. Any program approved by the national NASW office, or any NASW Chapter;  

b. American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy or any of its state chapters;  

c. Any state chapter of Council on Social Work Education approved schools of social work (In order for continuing education offerings to be approved by this type of designated provider, the school of social work must be actively engaged in the planning and presentation of the offering);  

d. Association of Social Work Boards or any state licensing board affiliated with.    

3. MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST (MFT):   Minnesota MFTs may submit a request to the State Board to approve courses which have not been submitted to the Board by the CE Provider.  CEU By Net has not submitted courses to the Minnesota Board. However, CEU By Net's courses meet the criteria for acceptability as a relevant CE Course for MFTs. 



IF this form is still required for LMFTs, you can access it on your Board's website.   




4.  PSYCHOLOGISTS:   Unlike some states, your State of MN apparently does NOT require that CE courses be pre-approved by a national board or association for psychologists. Instead, it specifies content criteria. In Subpart 4, the following information must be provided by the psychologist in order for his or her credits to be approved:

Subp. 4. Information required for approval:

A. the name and address of sponsor;
B. the names and credentials of instructors;
C. an outline of topics to be covered;
D. the number of hours of actual instruction;
E. the mechanism for monitoring and certifying attendance;
F. the location at which the activity will be conducted;
G. the date of the activity; and
H. a statement of the educational objectives, expected outcomes, and targeted participants.

Our Course Descriptions in the various subject-specific catalogs do in fact contain this information (except for the address of our company, which is CEU By Net, 7412 Tovar Drive, Austin, TX 78729; and how we calculate credit hours - which is based upon 4000 words per credit hour).

Most psychologists attach a copy of the course description in a PDF format, when they submit their courses for credit.  Instructions for capturing all of a course description in a PDF document are below.  However, we are also happy to send you a PDF of the course description if needed.  Just email us at 



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