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State Approvals For Maryland

(See details of approval below)


Counselors and Therapists - including Alcohol and Drug

Q1:  Is CEU By Net an automatically approved CE provider for Maryland Counselors and Therapists?  YES.  We are NBCC ACEP #6338, which is an accepted, pre-approved source of continuing education, per the published rules for Maryland Counselor and Therapist CE.  We are also Licensed CE Provider #1877-12 for an IC&RC Member Board (Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals) and for NAADAC-Approved Texas Association of Addiction Professionals.  

Q2:  Do CEU By Net's continuing education courses qualify as Category A courses?  YES, based upon the published rule for provision of Counselor and Therapist continuing education.  We have duplicated the relevant provisions below.  You may also view this information at the following URL, in which it appears:

In addition to our six year status as a Certified Provider of NBCC sponsored programs and NAADAC pre-approved addiction programs, all of our programs (courses) meet ALL of the Maryland criteria for Category A, below:

(i) The program is offered by a sponsor approved by the Board to present Category A programs,
(ii) The program is intended for a professional mental health audience,
(iii) The program has a stated purpose and defined content area,
(iv) Presenters are professionals qualified in the defined content area,
(v) The program's time period is clearly stated,
(vi) Registration and attendance is recorded by the program's sponsor,
(vii) Documentation of completion is provided, and
(viii) Participants are required to complete an evaluation of the program

Q3:  Do any of CEU By Net's programs fall into the category of activities which are 'specifically excluded' by the Board from CE Credit?   NO, based upon the following  published rule:

At Section .04(B) we see the list of activities that are "specifically excluded" from continuing education credit - none of which applies to CEU By Net's CE programs:

Q4:  Do CEU By Net's CE Programs fall into the 'Category B' classification?  NO, based upon the published description of Category B Programs.

CEU By Net's courses do not in any way meet the Maryland Board's description of Category B programs, as defined in the published rules (e.g., informal non-publicized programs, informal courses, in-house colloquial, invited speaker sessions, in-house seminars, case conferences). 

Q5: Are we a provider of 'Home Study' for Maryland Counselors and Therapists?  NO.  The Maryland Dept of Health & Mental Hygiene's definition of 'home study' does not apply to CEU By Net's courses, according to the  definition seen at,  item (10), here, at this URL (click the link):  

(10) "Home study" means independent study that:

(a) Is not evaluated by a formal process documenting a minimum mastery of materials

(b) Does not issue a verification of program completion.

CEU By Net's online training is a formal structured process conducted exclusively over the Internet, with electronically documented course participation, electronically tracked and recorded competency testing, immediate electronic feedback regarding each inaccurately answered test question when a quiz has been passed, clear standards for course completion, and formal course evaluation.  These courses are therefore NOT 'home study'.

NOTE:  CEU By Net meets ALL published criteria to provide its courses to Maryland Counselors and Therapsits.  However, if you have any concern about whether or not our courses will be accepted, please contact your board for clarification.


Social Workers

Q1:  Are we an automatically Authorized Sponsor for Social Workers? 

Yes.  CEU By Net is automatically approved to provide Continuing Education programs for Maryland Social Workers, per criteria (1) and (2)(b.) and (c.) below from Section .05 A:

Section .05 Authorization of Sponsors and Approval of Continuing Education Programs.

A. Automatically Authorized Sponsors.

(1) Automatically authorized sponsors shall offer continuing education programs that meet the objectives set forth in Regulations .01B and .04 of this chapter.

(2) The following are automatically authorized sponsors: ......

(b) State, regional, national, or international social work associations, including but not limited to social work licensing boards, the Association of Social Work Boards, and the National Association of Social Workers; and

(c) State, regional, national, or international non-social-work professional membership organizations providing programs that are relevant to the professional development of social workers.

CEU By Net is a certified CE provider for the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners # 4670 (an ASWB Board), and for two other ASWB State Licensing Boards for Social Workers (Florida and Alabama). A long time CE Provider for California BBS, CEU By Net is now an approved CE Provider for California BBS through our NBCC approval (pursuant to California's new approach to approval of CE Providers).  

Q2:  What category of CE do we provide for Maryland Social Workers? 

We note that the definition of Category 1 and Category 2 courses for Social Workers has now changed.  In the past, the wording of the statute defined Category 1 to include

'Live real-time transactions between teachers and learners (may include face to face and interactive technology).'  Our website does in fact use interactive technology in the learning and quiz taking process, and is considered to be interactive by all of the Social Worker Licensing Boards who have certified us (Texas, California, Florida, and Alabama).

However, in the Rules and Regulations now published at this URL, Social Workers are allowed to earn only a limited number of CEUs through online internet means:  

E. Of the 40 (30 for Licensed Bachelor Social Workers) required continuing education units, a maximum of 20 (15 for Licensed Bachelor Social Workers) continuing education units may be earned from one or any combination of the following Category II activities: . . . .  (7) Home-study, audiovisual and Internet on-line courses provided by an approved sponsor; and


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