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State Approvals For Iowa

LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELORS AND MFTs: The Iowa Board of Behavioral Science Examiners accepts our NBCC certification #6338

SOCIAL WORKERS: Our courses meet ALL REQUIREMENTS of the The Iowa Bureau of Professional Licensure for Social Workers. The Bureau does not pre-approve continuing education providers, sponsors or individual programs.

The Bureau's definition of acceptable Continuing Education is this: "Continuing education" for Social Workers means "planned, organized learning acts acquired during licensure designed to maintain, improve, or expand a licensee's knowledge and skills in order for the licensee to develop new knowledge and skills relevant to the enhancement of practice, education, or theory development to improve the safety and welfare of the public."


We have reviewed the Iowa requirements for continuing education for psychologists found here on the Iowa Board's website

and we find nothing in the rules which would disqualify CEU By Net's CE courses, as counting toward your required number of CE Credit Hours.  We meet all criteria as are specified on that page.  I find nothing here that would limit how many CE hours can be obtained through electronic interactive learning - but that is an issue in a few states, and thus the psychologist may wish to check that issue personally with his or her board. 

1.  Looking at the State Board document, we meet all of the General Criteria found at 645—241.3(154B,272C) Standards, 241.3(1) General criteria. 

2.  Looking at the Specific Criteria found at 241.3(2) of that same document, there is a difference in what is required depending  upon whether this is your second license renewal, vs. subsequent to the second renewal. 

-- If this is your second license renewal [see 241.3(2)(a)], we have an excellent course that would pertain to risk management for 3 credit hours - Course 3C - Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad, Assessment of Children and Adolescents with Mental Health and AOD Issues.

-- If this is your third or later license renewal [see 241.3(2)(b)], you have a number of things to choose from - and we do have three ethics courses if you choose to meet that requirement through ethics - or you could take one ethics course and Course 3C for Risk Management.

-- And finally, looking at 241.3(2)(c) we see several options for acceptable sources for CE, and we do meet (6) - electronically transmitted course with a certificate of completion.  And I would assume that they would also insist that online learning meet the general criteria in (1), which we do.

We encourage you to review that Iowa State Board document on the web plus anything else that might be applicable, for your own satisfaction.



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